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The Ecology of Information: A Future in a Library Without Walls


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Keynote slides for LITA Camp 2009 - 5/8/2009

Published in: Technology, Business

The Ecology of Information: A Future in a Library Without Walls

  1. The Ecology of Information A Future in a Library Without Walls John Blyberg LITA Camp 2009 May 8th 2009
  2. Technology
  3. Data is created rapidly and constantly.
  4. Data is only useful in context.
  5. As information becomes more complex, so do contextual opportunities.
  6. Welcome to the Internet.
  7. Also... welcome to the Internet.
  8. Change is the new constant.
  9. Information Pareidolia
  10. The Profane
  11. The mundane
  12. The sacred
  13. The astonishing
  14. Users are their own operators.
  15. We see the road but not the destination.
  16. Like-minded people stick together.
  17. Is our profession sustainable?
  18. 21st Century Librarianship = Information Architecture
  19. Open Source SOA SaaS
  20. Example? Open Source Insurge, Locum SOA SaaS
  21. Transparency
  22. Boundaries are artificial.
  23. Security needs to change.
  24. UX must be predictable, familiar.
  25. Get everywhere from anywhere.
  26. Users need to know where to go.
  27. Retrieval should be as easy as storage.
  28. Speed is essential.
  29. Seams are the weakest point.
  30. Simple is usually better. Except when it’s not.
  31. There is always a formula. It always depends.
  32. Information + Truth = Knowledge
  33. Knowledge is a personal pursuit. Harpers Ferry
  34. Bastogne
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