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Expressive Designs Brochure


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Expressive Designs\' showcased projects.

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Expressive Designs Brochure

  1. 1. T 954.525.0599 EXPRESSIVE DESIGNS,INC. F 954.525.0484 Life , Expressively Designed & printed by Photo Offset RES IDEN TI AL IN TERI ORS C O M M E RC I A L
  2. 2. I WANT TO BRING A FRESH NEW APPROACH... Expressive Designs, Inc. (EDI) was estab- direction of the design. Her interior collections showcase a lished by Jaime Blomquist to harmoniously modern sensibility grounded in timeless style. Ms. Blomquist, link Architecture and Interiors. With her a licensed interior designer, earned a Bachelors of Science in unyielding desire to raise the collective Commercial Design and Associates of Science in Residential consciousness of design, EDI blends client Design from the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale as well as desires and objectives together with a unique Associates in Arts in Business Management. viewpoint and breadth of experience. EDI’s team is comprised of licensed professionals with diverse Ms. Blomquist brings unique perspectives to her wonderfully backgrounds and design perspectives. This complex design varied interior design projects. She is moved by the passion of knowledge ensures clients the ability to see their vision come Simple Opulence nce the project and allows the will of the space to guide the to fruition and often surpass initial objectives. RESIDENTIAL 1 Right: Ft. Lauderdale 2009 Property of the Year award winning 7,735-sf water front modern style residence
  3. 3. Expressively Jaime and her team have a devoted attitude and creative/ progressive style which made EDI’s primary goal is to not only create an interior that is integration through use of materials, space, textures, color, and designing & building my home aesthetically pleasing and functional but also one that reflects light is award winning. From executive business interiors to an enjoyable experience from the clients’ lifestyle and defines their business’s brand. EDI's exclusive private residences, EDI is recognized for designing start to finish. Chad Moss team is experts at enhancing ambiance, bringing a blank some of the finest properties and is one of the most sought pallet to life or refreshing an existing design. The team’s design after Interior Design Firms. Top: Foyer/ Sitting Area Bottom: Master Bathroom Suite Bottom Left: Master Suite Model Home Far Right: Monumental Staircase Bottom Right: Formal Living Room Chub Cay, Bahamas 2 RESIDENTIAL RESIDENTIAL 3
  4. 4. Comfort Jaime Blomquist’s vision captured all I had dreamed to have in my home. Her designs are elegant and timeless! Raquel Fontaine Bottom: Formal Living Room Right: Entertainment Room Fontaine Residence 4 RESIDENTIAL RESIDENTIAL 5
  5. 5. Rybovich Super-Yacht Marina & Crew Facility COMMERCIAL Conce pts We needed a high end yacht feel for our crew facility and it had to be durable. Ms. Blomquist delivered. H. Wayne Huizenga Jr. S pe c i al ty C om m e rcia l H ospit ality COMMERCIAL 1
  6. 6. “We gave Ms. Blomquist a concept and she left us speechless with the final design, far exceeding our expectations and visions for our space. She is a truly talented Interior Designer!” Doug Wallace, CASF Board Member – Stiles Construction Specialty Retail Left & Below: Junior Achievement World, Construction Assoc. of South Florida 2 commercial COMMERCIAL 3
  7. 7. Cor porate Life Expressive Designs captured the vision we had for our new corporate offices – a beautifully well thought out design that is still enjoyed and complimented to this day! Bob L. Moss President, Moss & Associates Right: Moss Corporate Office Facing Page: Lake Shore Plaza I & II – Leed Silver Bldg, Stiles Development 4 commercial COMMERCIAL 5
  8. 8. Hospitality Embassy CES College Rybovich Yacht Services Marina Healing Earth Day Spa Fort Lauderdale, Fl /San Francisco, CA West Palm Beach, FL 33407 Miami, FL Embassy CES/ Stiles Development Huizenga Holdings, Inc. Weimann Group New York Life Insurance – LSP II Building The Kopelowitz Ostrow Firm, P.A. Offices Toscana Store - Handbag & Clothing Storefront “Ms. Blomquist and her firm were instrumental in developing and designing all Sawgrass Corporate Park - Sunrise, FL Ft. Lauderdale, FL Aventura Mall - North Miami Beach, FL New York Life Insurance & Stiles Development The Kopelowitz Ostrow Firm, P.A. & Stiles Development Toscani Store the interiors and furniture packages that were offered to the rental property Andrew Jackson Bldg & Plaza Royale Building CASF (Junior Achievement Space - Huizenga JA World) Release NightClub owners. They truly captured the authentic Bahamian style! ” Graham Dairy Lake Office Park – Miami Lakes, FL Ft. Lauderdale, FL West Palm Beach, FL Chub Cay Club Associates Miami Lakes Properties – Graham Developers Construction Association of South Florida Coral Springs Medical Center Rybovich Clubhouse & Dockmaster Building Tanenbaum Harbor Insurance Group Coral Springs, FL Chub Cay Resort and 69 Residential Rentals, Chub Cay Bahamas West Palm Beach, FL 33407 SWS Building - Miramar, FL Sousa Architecture Huizenga Holdings, Inc. Falkenger Snyder Martineau & Yates Architects & Engineers The Intelligent Office RoboVault Chub Cay Resort & 69 Turn Key High End Rentals Coral Springs, FL Fort Lauderdale, FL Chub Cay, Bahamans Thomas Ruff Projects RoboVault Chub Cay Club Associates Lake Shore Plaza II – Leed Silver Building Moss Corporate Building Sawgrass Corporate Park - Sunrise, FL Ft. Lauderdale, FL Architecture 6400 & Stiles Development Moss Construction Managers Sawgrass Technology Park Building RE S I DE N T I A L I N T E RIO RS C O M M ERC I A L Spessard Holland Building Sawgrass Technology Park - Sunrise, FL EXPRESSIVE DESIGNS,INC. Miami Lakes, FL Miami Lakes Properties – Graham Developers Stiles Development Supply Chain Mgmt and Shaw Ross Comerica / Plaza 100 Life , Expressively Miramar, FL Ft. Lauderdale, Fl Southern Wines & Spirits Stiles Development T 954.525.0599 The Florida Group – Lucent Technology Building Lake Shore Plaza I Sunrise, FL F 954.525.0484 Miramar, FL Southern Wines & Spirits Architecture 6400 & Stiles Development 6 commerciaL