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5 Signs of IT Over Purchasing


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Short set of slides illustrating how IT often ends up with products selected by the business that don't materialize the full ROI because of being underutilized. Buying more tool than can be implemented or used.

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5 Signs of IT Over Purchasing

  1. 1. You’re using about 40% of your ERP systemcapabilities, but you still have two unused modules you wish could be re-gifted.
  2. 2. Your LMS is only used “actively” by 47% of allcourses while using just a fraction of features.
  3. 3. 34% of all PC’s are not turned on during the dayand when they are on, get used <2 hours per day. Average Daily Usage 2.5 2 1.5 1 0.5 0 Faculty & Staff PCs Lab PCs Teaching Stations Average Daily Usage
  4. 4. Despite a Tier 1 ERP and portal with self-service capabilitiesyou are pushing more paper than ever before and invest in high capacity scanners just to keep up.
  5. 5. At roughly 90%virtualized, you have virtual server sprawl and underutilized silos who’s peak load isthe daily back- ups.