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Chose wisely as you will be working on this for either a year or 6months.

Published in: Design, Entertainment & Humor
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  1. 1. Graphic ProductsProject BriefsBoard Game projectNew console projectJewellery projectMagazine project‘Other project’?
  2. 2. Board Game Project - SituationA leading toy manufacturer that produces someof the world’s most popular board games isfacing a problem. The popularity of computergames and handheld consoles has meant adramatic decline in board game sales. It hasalso meant that people tend to play games ontheir own instead of with friends and family. Thecompany needs a new and exciting product thatwill encourage people to buy and play non-electronic games again.
  3. 3. Board Game Project - BriefYour task is to design and make a new game thatcan be played by two or more players at once. Itmust not be a computer game or console basegame. You will need to:• Design and make the game, pieces & packaging• Produce an instruction leaflet for the game• Produce a poster and/or a point of sale displayfor the game• You can use CAD/CAM (The laser cutter / Vinylcutter) for at least one stage in the project.
  4. 4. Check out<< 3D Board games?Monopoly based game?Multi layeredgame box? >>War / Strategy game?
  5. 5. Check out www.hasbro.comCreate a travelgame and case?Redesign atraditional game?Invent a new game –Football Chess?Multi levelgame?
  6. 6. New Console Project - SituationA leading console manufacturer that producessome of the world’s most popular consoles andgames is facing a problem. They feel thepopularity of computer games and handheldconsoles has led to people playing games ontheir own instead of with friends and family.They feel this is leading to users developing poorsocial skills later in life. The company needs tobuild a new and exciting family friendlyconsole games product that encouragesinteractivity, social skills and group games.
  7. 7. New Console Project - BriefYour task is to design and make a new consolegame that can be played by two or more playersat once. You will need to consider the latesttechnology ideas like online gaming and wirelesscontroller options. You will be required to designthe console concept, how it looks and the ideaabout how it works. (Note: You will not bedesigning the electronics of the console so it willjust be a model!)
  8. 8. New Console Project - BriefYou will need to:• Design and make the family friendly consoleconcept and make the console case design• Design and make the console controller,console packaging and one game• Produce a poster and/or a point of saledisplay for the console or an advert.• You can use CAD/CAM (The laser cutter /Vinyl cutter) for at least one stage in theproject.
  9. 9. Will it beportable?Will it be able totalk to otherdevices and if sowhy?Will the controller beergonomically designed?Will ithavewirelesscontrollers?Check out
  10. 10. Check out http://uk.wii.comEven though it’s a model youCan say it will have blue toothtechnology! It could workLike the Wii controller!Make the consoleconnect to theinternet to enablemore social games.How will theconsole look?Remember itcannot be toowacky as you haveto make it!
  11. 11. Jewellery Project - SituationA high street fashion chain is looking to addjewellery to its already highly successful rangeof teenage clothing for men. The company hasnoticed that many fashion retailers include arange of jewellery for women, but they believethere is a gap in the markets for men’saccessories. However, they have a limited budgetand so will not be using expensive materials suchas metal and gemstones in their range.
  12. 12. Jewellery Project - BriefYour task is to design and make a range ofmen’s jewellery using plastic or other non-metallic materials. You will not be allowed toset gemstones into your designs. You shouldinclude design for a range of items, but youdo not necessarily have to make them all.
  13. 13. Jewellery Project - BriefYou will need to:• Design a range of jewellery aimed atteenage males or females.• Make at least one item from your range• Design and Make suitable packaging foryour jewellery• Design and Make the point of sale displayfor your jewellery• Produce advertising material for yourjewellery• You should use CAD/CAM for at least onestage of your project
  14. 14. Flat sanded andsmoothed plasticjewellery.Cut out different colouredlayers of acrylic and gluethem together to formmulti-coloured jewellery.
  15. 15. You will need to create astand or unit todisplay your jewellery.
  16. 16. Shaped jewellery stand?
  17. 17. Magazine Project - SituationA well-renowned publishing house responsible forsome of the country’s most popular magazineswants to add a new title to its range. They haveno preference over the target audience for themagazine, but require the magazine to be bothpopular and easily marketable. They will launchthe magazine in style with a free gift andspecial promotional materials.
  18. 18. Magazine Project - BriefYour task is to design and make a selection ofsamples for a new magazine. You will not berequired to produce the whole magazine, but willhave to produce a cover, sample pages and anappropriate 3D free gift that could be givenaway with the first issue. You should thinkcarefully about whom the magazine is for andwhy they would buy it.
  19. 19. Magazine Project - BriefYou will need to:• Choose an appropriate target audience• Design and make a front cover for the firstissue of your magazine• Design and make a sample article from yourmagazine• Design and make a 3D product that would begiven away free with the first issue• Design and Make a suitable point of sale displayfor the launch of your new magazine• You can use CAD/CAM for at least onestage of production.
  20. 20. What type ofmagazine will youmake?What type of standwill you make?
  21. 21. What free giftwill you make togo with themagazine?The gift must beflat so it can besold with themagazine.
  22. 22. Your Project?You will have to prove tome that it is a goodproject and that you arecapable of doing it!
  23. 23. Your Project...You may however decide to do another projectsomething that is your own idea! If you do thishowever you need to convince your teacher it isa suitable project to do. You will need to designand make something that compliments your skills.You will need to think about room issues such assize and storage, don’t make something too big!You also can only make something out of wood orplastic the workshop is not geared up for metalwork.
  24. 24. SituationYou will have to write your own situation. Asituation is an outline of the problem.BriefYour design brief is an outline of what you willdesign to solve your problem.You will need to:• Design and make a 3D solution?• It can be a model; it does not have to function!• What items will you design and make?• Design and make a 2D solution, packaging, etc.• Produce a display for the product.
  25. 25. Redesignsomething new?Create a unique productfor a disabled person?Unique furniture?
  26. 26. Childrens furniture?Designerchairs?New mobile phone design withspeakers? (Model only)Designerfurniture?