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Goodwins Theory and Oxford Comma


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Goodwins Theory and Oxford Comma

  1. 1. ANDREW GOODWIN’S 6 FEATURES OF MUSIC VIDEOS1. The lyrics are represented by the visuals2. There is also a relationship between the music and visuals3. Music videos demonstrate genre characteristics4. Lots of close ups on the Artists and branding/motifs5. Often references the notion of looking and voyeurism6. Intertextual references to other media
  2. 2. LYRICS AND VISUALSThe lyrics of the song are mostly nonsensical, lead singer Ezra Koenig has said the song is ”more about not giving a fuck than about Oxford commas.” This idea links to some parts of the video, including the blasé attitude of the actors, some of whom seem to know they are in a music video. This also applies to Koenig ignoring the press and acting very nonchalant. At one point the lyric “Check your passport” is visually illustrated, but due to the generally random lyrics there is very little relationship overall.
  3. 3. MUSIC AND VISUALSThis video is done entirely in one continuous shot, this means there is no editing to match the beat of the music. However the playful and carefree tone of the song come through in the random characters and the wandering shooting style.There is no relationship between the meaning and tone of the song and the visuals of the video, it is a disjuncture created from the intertextual references to Wes Anderson. These elements are taken from a wide range of ideas and films and so when combined with each other and the music they are very entropic and make little sense.
  4. 4. GENRE CHARACTERISTICSThis song is Indie/Alternative music and follows a lot of the conventions of this genre. Alternative videos are often shot with a low budget and embrace a „homemade‟ feel. For example this video is shot in an ordinary farm which they have then added a few lights and props to. The colours are quite plain and have not been altered or saturated, again to give a more realistic look.There is one section of the video in which the band performs and Koenig continues to play guitar through the next section of the video. This is a standard part of almost all videos. It is common for alternative videos to be very different and follow few of the conventions of most videos.
  5. 5. ARTIST CLOSE UPS, BRANDING AND MOTIFSThe video follows the lead singer and often comes in closer, focusing on his face and him playing the guitar, displaying his talent and creating an image. The bands previous video for „A-Punk‟ was also filmed in one take, this has become a video motif.NOTION OF LOOKING AND VOYEURISMThis video doesn’t follow Goodwins outline in this aspect as there is no notion oflooking or voyeuristic treatment of women. This is probably due to the bandsvalues and the mocking of the media in this video.
  6. 6. INTERTEXTUAL REFERENCESThis video was made by Richard Ayoade as ahomage to the films of Wes Anderson. The useof a long tracking shot, having the video splitinto sections and titles in the font Futura. Thereare also references in some of the characters.The video also has several references to the media, which are often mocking the media and the idea of rockstars. The singer is followed by the press who speak at him and in the song the singer asks “Why would you tape my conversations?”, also questioning celebrity culture and the lengths reporters go to. There are studio lights placed randomly and ineffectually, some lighting a cow, that mock big budget videos.At the start of the video the band rolls up in a car, and at the end the lead singer is driven away with the rest of the cast running after him, a parody of modern fan mania. The song also references the rapper Lil Jon and his lyrics “First the window, Then it‟s to the wall” are used in the song.