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Real-Time Face Detection, Tracking, and Attributes Recognition


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Real-Time Face Detection, Tracking, and Attributes Recognition

  1. 1. Real-time face detection, tracking and attributes Danyang Wang Mentor: Jia-Bin Huang Department of electrical and computer engineering University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Goal Applications • Achieve real-time face detection and tracking with  Surveillance  Security the ability of telling attributes of faces(e.g. gender,  Human-computer interactions  Robotics  Softwares  And more! race, etc) Dutch, Male Methods Chinese, Male Korean, Male  Face detection (viola-jones framework) [1]  Object tracking (L1 minimization tracking) [2]  Face attributes [3] Face detection 1. Integral Image algorithm [1] 2. Haar-like features and classifiers [1] Lienhart introduced features [1] Sample features 3. Cascade [1] Object Tracking [2] Face attributes [3] References [1] Viola and Jones. Robust Real-time Object Detection, ICPV. 2001.P.U.R.E Research Symposium [2] Mei and Ling. Robust Visual Tracking using L1 Minimization, ICCV. 2009. [3] Kumar et al. Attribute and Simile Classifiers for Face Verification, ICCV. 2009.