Evaluation of Coursework – 800 wordsThis is the evaluation on my advertisement that I made and how I worked onit. I worked...
In addition to this, I used the slogan Peace Love Shoes because even thoughI wanted to tell a story, I also wanted a fun f...
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Evaluation of coursework


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Evaluation of coursework

  1. 1. Evaluation of Coursework – 800 wordsThis is the evaluation on my advertisement that I made and how I worked onit. I worked very hard on it as it is part of my GCSE coursework for MediaStudies. I worked even extra hard as this was the second time of me doing itso I got to do something different than I did last time. The aims of theproduction were met by me working hard on it, trying hard to create anadvertisement with a story behind it and creating an advert which had all theimportant bits of an advert on – logos, slogans, etc. Also, the advert followsGraeme Burton’s theory of socially grouped or media grouped, Hartley’s ideaof breaking down media grouped audiences into seven categories andRichard Dyer’s idea that people are not satisfied with their lives and thereforethe media can persuade them by offering solutions. Looking at Burton’s idea,my target audience is young women who are European and American in themiddle class, who love shoes. Hartley’s seven categories are Self, Gender,Age Group and Nation. My target audience have aspirations of beauty,creation, popularity and attention. The gender is young female women whosequalities are beautiful, sweet and loving. The age group of my target audienceis between 16 year olds and 30 year olds, so my product needs to imply alittle bit of safety, beauty and attention grabbing ideas. As well as this, lookingat Dyer’s idea, my target audience’s topics that they could be suffering underis jealousy and confusion. My product hopes to give them the solution tothese problems.The product that I am selling in my advertisement is women’s shoes. It’sbeautiful, stylish, fun, playful, lovable, darkness and tells a story of when youwear these shoes; you’ll feel like a shooting star. My product would be sold inall good shoe shops plus massive department stores across Europe andAmerica. My product and advert represents darkness, art, romance andconfusion. People would buy my product because they would be interestedwith not just the product, but also the story of the advert and what the advertshows and tells. Also, the product would make them feel beautiful, confidentand would get them attention. I used a brand name and a product name toshow that the brand had more than one product in its brand and to create adifferent approach to the audience. I called my brand name Lines of TheUnbroken Road because it would create originality and would make peoplewant to find out more about the bran and its history. I called the productColourful Moments as I wanted it to go with my old coursework creation SwiftNails and when I was planning the advert, I nearly decided to o anothercolourful advert, but then decided that colours sometimes don’t really tell astory. I used a starry night as my background because I wanted the advert totell a story and to tell the audience that if you buy the product, you’ll feel like ashooting star. So I used it as a con for my advertisement and product. Idecided to use Lucinda Handwriting as my font and blue as the colour for mytext because I thought that if I had a night’s sky in the background, I would stillwant the text to stand out a little. Also, I used the type of font to make theadvert look classy and a bit posh whilst trying to tell a story. I decided to usethe mages for my product as I wanted to make them look like shooting starsso I used shooting stars and then used the smudge too on Adobe Photoshopto create an effect that would help to tell the story of the advert.
  2. 2. In addition to this, I used the slogan Peace Love Shoes because even thoughI wanted to tell a story, I also wanted a fun feel to the advert. Whats more, Iused a logo of the text in a rainbow colour with a shadow behind it because Iwanted the logo and slogan to be fun even though I wan telling a story.Furthermore, I want to sell my product not just in the United Kingdom, but alsoin Europe and America. I think that Europeans and Americans would buy myproduct because it’s an interesting product, the advertisement tells a story andthe product would make the audience feel beautiful, attractive and amazing. Inconclusion, I think that my advertisement that I have created will help me toget a good GCSE grade in Media Studies and I have included all theinformation in the advert that should be there. Also I think I have created anadvert that tells a story.By Bethany Stephenson