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The murder of simon p ano

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  • As shown of the video one can play music with minor hand, feet and body movement.
  • The Baclofen Pump was to be programmed to give the appropiate dosage. Used treat the condition that Ano was suffering from Spasticity. Spasticity is the
  • Mr. Haff has been without his medication for over a month.
  • From this information we can say that Haff was very adept to working with computers. The pump was programmed by using an external computer that according to our investigation was easier to work with than many phone applications.
  • 1.2 Pump checked by Techno G. Ek3 Programming was easier to work with than many phone applications
  • Haff was the murderer. Haff was in New York when Ano had the accident. According to ImaAno had dreamt about playing in that concert since he was a child. On the concert flyer only Ano is featured with a picture, Haff ‘s name is a the bottom and misspelled. Being partners one would expect for both of them being featured in the concert since both of them were famous musicians that knew each other since infancy.Haff nickname was Bytes as referred to on the Year book evidence in which the Queen dedicates the picture to Bytes and the he could program her any day. Vios and Golda made fun of Ima by saying don’t let the bedbugs bite as a joke for her liking Haff.(Haff referring to him as haf a note). Based on this evidence Haff knew how to program. The pump could be programmed from the outside to modify the dosage given to the patient
  • He blamed his medication for the slurred speech which he might have not taken for a month.With is programming background, Haff could have setup the pump to deliver overdoses at a scheduled time.. Golda had mentioned that Ano was groggy when they went to talk to him the night he died. Vios did not notice anything out of the ordinary. Some of the symptoms of overdose are drowsiness, lightheadedness, respiratory depression (difficulty breathing), seizures, loss of consciousness, and coma. Usually the blue color of the lips and fingernails is associated with a lack of oxygen.
  • Mm 021912

    1. 1. The Murder of a Simon P. Ano Team 4
    2. 2. Subject Information• Musician• Accident a the top of his career• Left quadriplegic• Was very depressed and suicidal• Found a way to create music again• Rejuvenated sprits in the last few months
    3. 3. Circumstances of death• Bacloflen pump was beeping• Died over night• Was groggy• Blue fingernails and lips
    4. 4. Interviewees• Ima Bimbeaux-Nurse• Golda Digger-Wife• Lyan Vios-Associate in charge of the finance of company• Haff Note-Associate, musician• Techno G. Eek- Medical technician
    5. 5. Preliminary Findings• Digger was suffering from depression.• Vios and Digger were romantically involved• Vios had a key to he house and was the last one to see him alive.• Haff was at a conference in NY and suffered from bipolar disorder• Bimbeaux stated that all the equipment was functioning perfectly
    6. 6. Key Findings• Soundbeam-presented an artistic rebirth for Ano..Link
    7. 7. Key Findings• Bacloflen Pump
    8. 8. Key Findings• Eskalith- Treatment of Bipolar Disorder – The date of the refill was 7/6/06 – 108 tablets were taken – Approximate taken last: 7/12/06
    9. 9. Case Evaluation• Bytes – in the dedication of the yearbook the Queen Melissa says that “bytes can program her any day”. – Digger and Vios call him bites according to Bimbeaux
    10. 10. Case Evaluation• The Baclofen Pump was beeping. – The pump would beep it was out of medicine, replaced or a malfunction occurred. the pump – The pump was checked and refilled two weeks before – It was programmed by using an external computer.
    11. 11. Case Evaluation• 7/14/2000 Accident in New York, before childhood dream was fulfilled: Carnegie Hall• 8/16/2007 Death occurred before his musical rebirth: Les Makadee Non profit concert in December
    12. 12. Conclusion• Haff was in New York for the car accident• Haff suffered from Bipolar Disorder for 12 years and had not had his medication• Haff was jealous of Ano’s success • Yearbook picture • Carnage Hall concert flyer(Haff misspelled)• After being the man for 7 years people wanted Ano to comeback
    13. 13. Conclusion• Haff was very nervous when he was interviewed• Haff could have reprogrammed the pump to deliver more medication
    14. 14. Sources:••• spasticity/therapy/itb-therapy/synchromed-ii- pump/index.htm• cal_baclofen_pump_system / px
    15. 15. Thank You