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French Revolution


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French Revolution

  1. 1. The French Revolutionby judy jeakins
  2. 2. IntroductionThe French revolution was one of the most meaningful revolutions in the worldthat shaped the world to be what it is today. The French went through severalturning points in their lives that changed the world. They went through the tenniscourt oath, storming of bastille, overthrowing of the monarchy, when king Louisdied, and when the reign of terror ended and there was finally justice. Listen toCamille Roux tell her story on the marvelous French revolution.
  3. 3. The Tennis Court OathSThe tennis court oath tookplace on June 20th, 1789.Fraternity, Equality,Liberty
  4. 4. Storming of the BastilleThe storming of Bastilletook place on July 14th,1789.This was a warning to thegovernment that the citizenswere not happy with theway that the country wasbeing run.
  5. 5. Overthrow of the MonarchyAugust 10th, 1792This was a wake up callto the government thatthe citizens no longerwanted a monarchy.
  6. 6. The Death of King Louis xviMarie Antionette and her husband, King Louis XVIdied on August 10th, 1792.
  7. 7. The Reign of TerrorOn July 28th, 1794,Robespierre died on theguillotine.
  8. 8. ConclusionThe French revolution was one of the most eye opening revolutions in the history ofman kind. Some people even say that the French revolution is what made the worldwhat it is today. If that is good or not, we will never know. France persevered throughextremely hard times, from the famine to monarchy to Robespierre. Through out therevolution, over 50,000 innocent people died. There was never any true justice forthe men and women of France, but now, France can live with fraternity, liberty, andequality.