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Douglasdale Community Police Forum AGM 2010


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Douglasdale Community Police Forum AGM 2010

  1. 1. Douglasdale Community Policing Forum Presented by Jean Berdou Chair Douglasdale CPF
  2. 2. Overview 2009 to 2010 Results Achieved 1.Activation of all 6 Sectors 2.All CPF accounts audited 3.R3 Million in Donations 4.Substantial Police Station upgrades 5.Purchase of 11 Patrol Vehicles 6.New CPF Web presence established 7.Interactive e-Mail facility Launched
  3. 3. Overview 2009 to 2010 Results Achieved 8.Creation of CPF Loyalty program 9.SAPS training programs underway 10.Consolidation and re-structuring of bank facilities 11.CPF Branding 12.Air Wing with Helicopter and Micro-lites 13.Formation Crime Intel capability 14.CPF Social upliftment program
  4. 4. The rubber gloves are for cavity searches – SAPS Staff Training
  5. 5. SAPS Douglasdale Personnel at Fourways Life Medical Training
  6. 6. Member in the middle not injured – just drew the short straw for practical's
  7. 7. First Aid Qualified SAPS Team
  8. 8. Speed & Mobility
  9. 9. Our Cars in Action
  10. 10. Our New SAPS Cars in Action
  11. 11. New Client Service Centre Douglasdale
  12. 12. New Crime Combating Centre
  13. 13. SAPS Douglasdale – Warm Welcome
  14. 14. Flying the flag
  15. 15. Finance
  16. 16. CPF Fin 2009/2010 17 CPF Financial presentation 2009 / 2010 • Took over the books in October 2009 • The accounts were with Nedbank and FNB • Debit order run had as many unpaid transactions as paid transactions
  17. 17. PROGRESS SINCE 2009 • All accounting records from 1 March 2009 have been re-created on Quickbooks • Debit order run was updated and debit orders being returned unpaid monthly were deleted • Formalised the payment authorisation process • Formalised signing arrangements at Nedbank • Consolidated all accounts at Nedbank • Reconstructed the books for the previous 5 years in order to produce audited Balance sheets and Income statements
  18. 18. INCOME • Debit order run R8,500 of which R3,200 was unpaids – nett R5,300 • Current income from debit orders R5,300 with minimal unpaids • Donations 2090 / 2010 – Nashua R 19,054 – SAB Miller R 48,850 – Monte Casino R 100,000 – Dainfern R1,000,008 – D Steyn (separate donation) R1,200.000
  19. 19. EXPENDITURE • Car Park R207,000 • Containers : additional offices R291,000 • Upgrading existing buildings R324,000 • Landscaping R 18,000 • Furnishing R 68,000 • IT infrastructure R 13,000 • Training R 12,650
  20. 20. EXPENDITURE – contd... • Stationery R 10,600 • Guarding expenses R 25,000 • Promotional Material R 61,000 – Website, video etc • Lindsay Saker (Reservists) R 75,000 • Heaters / Fans for offices R 10,000 • TVs and DSTV R 12,000
  21. 21. WORLD CUP Police Station had TVs to ensure our police could watch the soccer at work while they worked
  22. 22. SUMMARY • Balance brought forward R 44,000 (as at 1 March 2010) • Income R1,224,000 (R1003036 from FNB acc) • Expenditure R 961,000 • Balance at year end R 300 998
  23. 23. THANK YOU
  24. 24. Strategic Plan 2010 Onwards
  25. 25. Mission Statement The Douglasdale Community Policing forum will ensure that its residents, guests and visitors will enjoy world class law enforcement and safety.
  26. 26. Vision To provide support to and monitoring of law enforcement agencies in Douglasdale thereby giving the residents, ratepayers and taxpayers the services which they need to ensure a safe living environment within which all law abiding citizens can move unhindered and without fear.
  27. 27. Objectives and Key results To have a local police force which is properly housed and has premises which are fit for purpose
  28. 28. Objectives and Key results To have a local police force which has adequate and appropriate equipment to carry out its’ duties efficiently and safely
  29. 29. Objectives and Key results To have a police force which is correctly and appropriately qualified to meet the tasks required of it in terms of carrying out its’ duties, protecting its’ community and combating crime
  30. 30. Objectives and Key results To have all law enforcement and related agencies focussed on the achievement of their objectives and performing as well as is possible
  31. 31. Objectives and Key results To ensure that crime is controlled as well as possible
  32. 32. Objectives and Key results To ensure that the handling of cases is at all times carried out with interests of the community receiving the appropriate value within the balanced interests of law and justice
  33. 33. Objectives and Key results To ensure adequate support to victims of crime
  34. 34. Objectives and Key results To ensure that victims of crime are treated fairly and treated with the respect that they deserve
  35. 35. Objectives and Key results To ensure that victims of crime are correctly informed as to the status of cases where they are the plaintiff
  36. 36. Objectives and Key results To promote programs within the community which will alleviate suffering and potential for crime
  37. 37. Objectives and Key results To ensure the highest standards of discipline and ethics are observed by all law enforcement officers and public officials
  38. 38. Objectives and Key results To promote and ensure accountability between the police service, security companies and the community
  39. 39. Objectives and Key results To communicate to the community, Police perspectives and needs in crime combating and crime prevention as well as crime prosecutions, through an education and awareness program
  40. 40. Objectives and Key results Monitor effectiveness of Police in activities in the community they serve and provide feedback to Police Management
  41. 41. Objectives and Key results To Support the police services in all their functions in community policing
  42. 42. Detailed Objectives The building of a state-of -the-art police station for Douglasdale.
  43. 43. Detailed Objectives Training Program to be implemented to improve personnel performance standards
  44. 44. Detailed Objectives Sustainable Monthly Fundraising
  45. 45. Q&A
  46. 46. Detailed Objectives Community Driven Intelligence gathering program •Establish a reporting line permitting confidentiality and protection for incident reporters •Monitoring of intelligence based activities •Co-ordination of security companies for effective reaction & planned operations •Internet and e-mail based reporting
  47. 47. Detailed Objectives Case monitoring services within the Department of Justice must be established to address the interrelated issues of: •Improperly prosecuted cases – Investigative failure – Tampering and disappearance of dockets – Poor conviction rates – Delays •Victim feedback and fair treatment •Long term removal of criminals from society •Elimination or reduction of corruption through continuous oversight •The need to see justice done
  48. 48. Detailed Objectives • Victim Support Program – Definition of Needs – Staffing – Resourcing – Adequate funding
  49. 49. Support Activities • Continuous review of plans and results • Budgeting • Appropriate Financial controls • Project Management and Reporting • Project initiation and management • Identification of new needs and projects • Development of an appropriate organisation structure
  50. 50. Objectives and Key results To provide an intelligence gathering and sharing service for use by law enforcement agencies, security co’s and relevant community members for the purposes of : •Localised crime prevention •Management and dissemination of crime related information •Initiating joint operations between law enforcement and security companies to pro actively reduce and remove criminal elements •Providing information on possible crime and known criminal activity to community members, and the law enforcement agencies •Gathering incident reports from security companies and cross sharing of information between law enforcement, security companies and relevant CPF members •Providing relevant known criminal and crime prevention information to the public through electronic means
  51. 51. Objectives and Key results Inform about services and security providers which meet the standards set by: •The private securities initiative act (PSIA), and •The standards and procedures defined by the Douglasdale CPF
  52. 52. Detailed Objectives Provision of a central operation’s centre to • Manage the website and content • Mailing lists and information • Provide a tips-offs and complaint hotline • Intelligence gathering and management • Central co-ordination between security companies and SAPS
  53. 53. Detailed Objectives By-Law Enforcement program aided by the achievement of CID status •Hawker & street corner beggar elimination •Traffic Control •Health By-law enforcement •Building & Development By-law enforcement •Environmental By-law enforcement •Road Maintenance •Lighting •Call centre to collect and monitor