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PAL #8: Video


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Published in: Education
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PAL #8: Video

  1. 1. PAL #8: Video
  2. 2.  The Adobe Media Encoder can import video and audio in a wide variety of file formats. Some of the more common importable video formats are listed below: • 3GPP/3GPP2 (.3gp, .3gpp) • Digital Video (.dv) • DV stream • Flash Video (.flv, .f4v) • QuickTime (.mov) • MPEG (.mpg, .mpeg, .m2v) • Windows (.avi) • Windows Media (.asf, .wmv)
  3. 3.  Go to the ‘Import > Import Video’ menu. Select the FLV file you wish to insert. Choose your skinning options from the presets available, or alternatively if you wish to create your own ‘play, stop, pause’ buttons, pick ‘none’.
  4. 4.  Find a suitable video online ( /movies is a good source if you’re lost) Make sure it’s under 1 minute long! Take a screenshot of your video during playback and upload to Moodle.