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PAL #7: Sound


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PAL #7: Sound

  1. 1. PAL #7: Sound
  2. 2.  Before bringing your audio files into Flash, you need to understand some of the characteristics and settings for digital audio files. The more pre-production work you do on files before importing them into Flash, the more likely it is that you’ll get the results you want.
  3. 3.  You can add sound to your project by importing it to the Library, just as you would a bitmap or vector image. Go to the ‘File > Import > Import To Library’ option within Flash.
  4. 4.  You can add sound to the timeline by selecting an imported sample within the ‘Properties’ tab on the keyframe you wish to add audio.
  5. 5.  Event sounds must fully load before they play back, and they respond to events or actions. Start plays a sound so that no other instance of that same sound file can be playing at the same time. This makes Start sounds a great choice if you want to prevent unwanted overlap. A Start sound will play all the way through to the end, and can only be stopped by an instance of the same sound whose Sync is set to Stop. Stop sounds don’t play a sound, but rather stop a specific sound. When choosing Stop for a selected sound, you will stop any instance of that sound that’s already playing. Stop sounds can only stop instances of the same sound whose Sync is set to Start. Stream sounds work best for long-form animation, as the audio is matched to the playback, like a soundtrack. Flash does everything it can to keep the sound in sync with the animation, including dropping frames if necessary. This makes it the ideal method for long soundtracks or narration.
  6. 6.  Find a sound sample that appeals to you Create a new button; add the sample sound file to the ‘down’ state. Upload your completed SWF to Moodle.