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Setting Up Dreamweaver


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Published in: Education, Technology, Design
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Setting Up Dreamweaver

  1. 1. Unit 17: Website DevelopmentSetting up websites in DreamweaverWhy do we need to make a site?Whilst Dreamweaver will allow us to create a range of documents includingHTML, it can be difficult to keep all the documents together. If we keep filesin different folders, when it comes time to upload to the web servers wewon’t be able to find all the necessary documents.Creating a New SiteStart by going to ‘Site / New Site…’ menu option in Dreamweaver. This willlaunch the ‘Site Setup’ dialogue box.From here, you can choose the ‘Site Name’; this can be anything you wish,however it’s wise to use a name you’re likely to remember quite easily.Page | 1
  2. 2. Unit 17: Website DevelopmentNext, you’ll need to choose a ‘Site Location’. This is where all your files aregoing to be stored whilst you’re working on the site ‘offline’. In order toselect the location, choose the small icon on the right hand side of the box:Page | 2
  3. 3. Unit 17: Website DevelopmentUsing the dialogue box, create a new folder on your ‘H:/’. Do this by rightclicking, selecting the ‘New’ sub-menu and then the ‘Folder’ option. Nameyour folder, without spaces.Finally, open your newly created folder and click on the ‘Select’ button toconfirm.Your new website will appear in the ‘Files’ tab on the bottom right of thescreen. Now, all your files and assets can be saved to your new websitefolder.Page | 3
  4. 4. Unit 17: Website DevelopmentIf you attempt to use any documents, images, movies or other files thataren’t saved to your website, Dreamweaver will inform you and give you theopportunity to save a copy to your website folder. If you save your work to the drive and re-open it again at a later date, you may find your website folder hasn’t been saved to Dreamweaver. Don’t panic! You simply need to go through the setup steps again. This time, instead of specifying an empty folder, choose the website you’ve been working on. Tada – It’s back again!Page | 4