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Social Media Innovation Framework


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A simple planning framework for more successful social media pilots and innovations

Published in: Technology, Business
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Social Media Innovation Framework

  1. 1. Innovation FrameworkSimple Planning for Innovation PilotsJohn BellManaging DirectorOgilvy’s 360 Digital Influence
  2. 2. Social Media Innovation Framework My Business Purpose Pilot Structure Evaluation Model Pilot Execution & Next Steps
  3. 3. Social Media Innovation FrameworkMy Business Purpose Generate excitement Discover a better way Generate buzz within and enthusiasm within to: community the organization Coverage in Drive engagement Learn new ways of trades as an with customers doing something innovator Spark advocacy Create an Give senior via customers & experiment worth executives stakeholders talking about “bragging rights” Demonstrate Increase industry Generate leads “boldness” to thought leadership colleagues and visibility Grow demand for products and services Increase sales: new customers vs. existing customers Strengthen workforce and culture Discover operating efficiencies
  4. 4. Social Media Innovation FrameworkPilot Structure Align withDefine the type of Select markets and communications Design pilotinnovation participants plan Integrate with Local markets New platform Description existing plan (usually 1-3) Standalone Participants New technique pilot Duration & (which or procedure •Define objectives, schedule segments will strategy, etc… you engage) Roles and New partner responsibilities Resources Budget
  5. 5. Social Media Innovation FrameworkEvaluation Model Success statement Determine metrics Evaluate overall value Key Performance Compare KPIs to Narrative that Indicators (KPI’s) - alternative methods answers ‘what does usually 2-4 numbers – don’t get caught in success look like’ most indicative of the ROI traps success Diagnostic Metrics – Match back to which other metrics Inventory expended Business Purpose and will guide pilot team resources - what did Business Objectives (but are not it take to execute necessary to report) Add learnings and “soft values” Share results and lessons learned
  6. 6. Social Media Innovation FrameworkPilot Execution & Next Steps Collect and review Execute pilot Next steps learnings Expand pilot in existing Weekly reports and Launch & run pilot markets – add possible evaluation meetings adjustments Expand pilot to new Final post mortem with markets – add possible team adjustments Socialize and share learnings across the Kill pilot ‘Center for Excellence’ Document ‘best practices’ and share with the ‘Center for Excellence’ Submit for award Collect “attaboys” from senior muckety mucks
  7. 7. John H. BellGlobal Managing Director | 360° Digital InfluenceOgilvyEMAIL john.bell@ogilvypr.comBLOG http://johnbell.typepad.comTWITTER @jbell99