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Google+ for brands_ogilvy


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A brief look at how Google+ will likely be valuable for brands once Business profiles are launched

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Google+ for brands_ogilvy

  1. Google+ for Brands August 2011> What We Should Expect…Sometime John Bell, Global Managing Director Ogilvy 360 Digital Influence
  2. It took Google+ 21 days to get18 million users.It took Facebook 2.5 years.
  3. Remember The Facebook Evolution> Facebook pioneered one-on-one connections between a brand and fans > Facebook launched in February 2004; Brand pages launched November 2007 > 2009 Brand pages changed to emulate personal profiles> It was 3 years from launch before Facebook truly worked out its offering for brands.> Facebook’s experiences offer lessons with G+ brand roll-out slated for later this year
  4. The Google+ Evolution Will Be Faster> Despite much excitement at launch, only a few brands were admitted to the party > Some brands like Ford and MTV have been allowed to stay in beta, but others were shut down> When Google+ Business Profiles launches… > Integrated with Google advertising product > Superior data and analytics > Better search > Will finally integrate with Google Apps
  5. 6 Ways Brands Might Use G+1. A fresh approach to customer service and engagement 1. If Circles become public (and subscribable); customers could sign up for specific channels 2. Social care staff could drive customers into Video Chat/Hangouts2. Segmenting and organize brand fans/customers/influencers for insights 1. Could even consider “test circles” for followers they want to use as focus groups or test groups3. B2B sales force enablement 1. Sales staff can cultivate streams and customer circles to find lead gen opportunities and deliver thought leadership 2. Google+ may challenge LinkedIn as it attracts business users (especially when Google Apps integration launches) From
  6. 6 Ways Brands Might Use G+4. Create and promote branded “Sparks” to establish thought leadership 1. Extend search engine optimization efforts to dominate in particular topics 2. Promote these as your “Sparks” – think IBM’s Smarter Planet5. Enhance search results with Google+ pages for brands and socially enabled team 1. Google+ pages may have a premium result - e.g. “certified check mark” callout 2. Encourage users to “+1” search listings6. Use as a collaboration platform for teams 4. Integration with Google Docs 5. Video chat
  7. Google+ vs. Facebook for BrandsIf Google’s been taking notes, a brand’s presence insocial spaces could soon be quite different:> Branding – while Facebook limits design options, G+ could function more like YouTube with custom skin options> Facebook Insights vs. Google Analytics – Adwords and more> Hangouts + YouTube Live integration in progress – watch and chat simultaneously> Maps/Places – Expect this to be integrated with G+ brand pages> Apps – As businesses move their email to the cloud, their workforce will be one-click away from having Google+ pages> Search – Google’s universal search will be stronger than Facebook
  8. Google+ for the Communications Professional> Just Use It! > Set up your pages, Sparks, Circles and Use Hangouts for meetings > Create your own Conversation Calendar> Create Circles for your brand in your own account> Add influencers to your circles and develop relationships> Watch for the user base to expand > Early adopters are the tech geeks but expect other affinities> Use Google +1> Subscribe to official Google blog, G+ developers and Google Labs > Google is always experimenting, so keep a close eye on the labs> Watch early adopter brands like Ford and Starbucks > Once Business Profiles launch innovation will happen fast
  9. One Big Reason Google+May Win with Brands…
  10. John H. BellGlobal Managing Director | 360° Digital InfluenceOgilvyEMAIL john.bell@ogilvy.comBLOG http://johnbell.typepad.comTWITTER @jbell99