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J2 x media sales deck020711


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J2 x media sales deck020711

  1. 1.www.j2xmedia.comJ2X Media LLC.  1100 Wilshire Blvd. – Ste. 1912 Los Angeles CA, 90017
  2. 2. Who We AreWe are a dynamic, forward-thinking, full-service digital marketing agency. We providecost-effective, creative, actionable, and revenue-generating solutions to engagecustomers and increase conversion rates.Business Intelligence: Marketing Discipline:•  Data-driven marketers focused on key •  Create custom online programs to acquire success metrics and improving ROI customers and data, encourage word of•  Utilize primary and secondary research, mouth marketing, and efficiently drive sales including customer feedback and surveys to and subscriptions drive business decisions •  Develop and strategically distribute content as•  On the forefront of the digital marketing a key component of consumer and social media space, enhancing the engagement. consumers’ experience and achieving •  Robust marketing framework, adaptable to marketing and sales objectives advances in technology and new marketing channelsCreative Development: Hands On Approach:•  Develop innovative, dynamic and •  Strategic consulting and tactical insight to compelling brand-specific, multi-platform maximize impact of marketing campaigns content to inform and entertain customers •  Full-service team experienced in managing all•  Hi quality video production, graphic design aspects of campaign execution and and web/mobile development services reporting © J2X Media, LLC. 2
  3. 3. What We DoWe create, execute and manage customized digital marketing campaigns to achieve avariety of objectives. Whether a brand wants to increase their online presence, raiseawareness, generate leads, or drive revenue, we utilize the communication channelsand creative strategies that will most efficiently achieve results. Holistic Customer Cycle: Acquisition, Retention, and Advocacy •  Outreach: Utilize online / offline touch points to drive awareness •  Engage: Connect with consumers at digital outposts providing content and opportunities to interact •  Value: Earn customer trust by providing value to enhance core competency of brand •  Reward: Reward customers and encourage them to share their experience interacting with your brand Outreach    Reward Engage   Value   © J2X Media, LLC. 3
  4. 4. Our ApproachOur methodical approach to marketing ensures the development of successful, uniqueprograms that compliment organizational structure and repeatedly exceed clientexpectations. Evaluate the brand’s current marketing footprintAssess Review competitive online landscape Determine unique opportunities with the digital space for the brand Define the value proposition for brand engagement with online audiences Craft Create strategic and compelling programs that authentically reflect the brand Combine client knowledge of their core business and customers with our marketing framework, creative services and proprietary tools and applications.Execute Full-service digital agency complementing internal marketing teams Established tactical approach optimizes campaign performanceRefine Track key metrics and analyze campaign performance to adapt strategy Use key learnings and research to further inform business decisions © J2X Media, LLC. 4
  5. 5. Marketing Framework Our marketing framework is grounded in the idea of: CONNECT >> SHARE >> REWARD Connect - Provide a comprehensive online marketing platform to connect with your customers and have them connect with each other.Reward - Reward Share - Implement programscustomers for engaging, and develop content thatsharing, and purchasing by encourages customers toproviding exclusive content, share their passion for yourpromotion, and personal brand with their network of interaction. friends. © J2X Media, LLC. 5
  6. 6. Comprehensive Marketing ServicesAssess and Devise: Create, Execute, and Manage: •  Strategic Consulting - Architect systems that •  Online Branding - Connect and intertwine online properties combine online and offline marketing assets to to create a consistent, fluent and comprehensive online maximize revenue and develop a deeper presence relationship with the customer •  Social Media Marketing - Engage customers in dialogue, encourage word of mouth marketing and convert social media •  Campaign Planning - The foundation of our presence to sales efforts begin with a customized client strategy and shared vision of the end goal •  Email Marketing - Establish an email marketing framework and data acquisition tactics; standardize templates for •  Research - Execute primary research to communication ensure business strategy, products and services reflect and exceed customer •  Promotions - Harness the power of promotion to collect customer data, interact with customers and reward them for expectations participating •  Content Marketing - Develop original content •  Creative and Website Development - Websites, widgets, pieces and strategic distribution schedules to applications, ecommerce solutions, and mobile applications consistently engage customers •  Video Production - Hi-quality, cost-effective video production services tailored for online audiencesReview and Adapt: •  Partnership Marketing - Identify and secure strategic 3rd party partnerships leveraging J2X Media’s network of •  Metrics - Track campaigns, provide ongoing influencers to increase visibility reporting and analysis to monitor ROI •  SEO / SEM - Improve natural search engine rankings and •  Analysis - Use advanced data analysis to execute paid search media campaigns identify issues and determine solutions © J2X Media, LLC. 6
  7. 7. Case Study: Digital Marketing Promotion We create promotions designed to generate brand awareness, acquire customer data, and generate revenue. We have built over 100 promotions, including the following case studies: Live Nation:•  Acquired 700,000+ new email addresses for client’s database•  Reduced cost per email acquired by approximately 75%•  In the first six months of 2009, promotional campaigns drove over $500,000 in direct ticket sales•  Promotions provided opportunities to forge partnerships and bring additional value to sponsors•  Promotions provided customers with engaging benefits, strengthening brand loyalty Taylor Guitars:•  Increased database over 51% in 2010•  Increased overall website traffic 17% in 2010•  Online promotions helped increase Taylor’s social media statistics by 86% in 2010 © J2X Media, LLC. 7
  8. 8. Case Study: Social Media Marketing We provide brands with turn-key solutions to engage consumers, increase sales and acquire new customers. We develop, manage and execute systems that empower brands to gain influence and insight within social media.•  Utilized social media to create new sales channels and collect consumer data•  Provided a platform for dialogue between the brand and it’s customers•  Developed custom built applications to manage, track and analyze social media campaigns•  Implemented content distribution strategies to compliment national and local organizational structure•  Naturally increased all our clients social network memberships through viral, grassroots and promotional programs © J2X Media, LLC. 8
  9. 9. Case Study: White Label Community We have extensive experience in community marketing. Having built and managed some of the earliest social networks in the music space, our unique, consumer-centric approach recognizes that providing consistent value to community members is the primary driver of acquisition, engagement, and retention.•  Built, managed and provide marketing services for the following white-label communities: •  Warped Tour (2005/2006) •  Ozzfest (2007)•  Built a corporate intranet with social media functionality •  Guitar Center (2007)•  Community marketing programs helped quadruple membership in one year (600,000+ unique users to 2.4+ million)•  Warped Tour and Ozzfest communities generated revenues through online advertising and sponsorships © J2X Media, LLC. 9
  10. 10. Case Study: Grassroots and Viral We create innovative grassroots and viral campaigns, utilizing tools and tactics that encourage word-of-mouth advocacy and sharing to help generate awareness, acquire online audience, and drive sales, including the following Megadeth & Guitar Center case study involving an interactive viral tool.•  The application and promotional campaign drove over 2,000+ fans to a Megadeth event at the Guitar Center Hollywood store•  Over 20,000+ fans registered for the viral tool within four weeks•  The interactive application enabled users to receive a “digital autograph” from the lead singer of the band. The personal interaction served as the primary incentive for fans to download and remain engaged with the widget throughout the year•  The viral tool featured a custom-built rewards program, with points awarded for sharing and interacting © J2X Media, LLC. 10
  11. 11. BioJeffrey BeckerCEO / FounderOver the past 12 years, Jeffrey has worked as a pioneer in online marketing for theentertainment industry, where he founded two online marketing departments for theUniversal Music Group and MCA Records. Since then, he has worked as a consultantdeveloping successful online strategies for Taylor Guitars, Santana, The Warped Tour,Ozzfest, Live Nation and Guitar Center. His efforts have resulted in groundbreakingmarketing programs resulting in increased traffic and revenue for his clients. Jeffreyreceived his BS in Marketing from the University Of Maryland. © J2X Media, LLC. 11