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Creating optimal experiences promotes customer loyalty and builds brand value. The challenge for todays marketers, developers and product managers is providing the right experiences through the right channels at the right time. Solving these challenges begins with the user, the customer, and what we understand about their wants and needs.

Total Customer Experience Conference 2013 is a two-day, two-track, learning, networking summit focused on customer management, customer experience (CX), user experience (UX),product management and design. Attendees are given an unrivaled opportunity to learn from keynotes, case studies, customer experience strategy, user experience strategy, best-practices and interactive sessions, presented by some of the most innovative practitioners, thought leaders and methodologists working in customer management (CEM) today including Sharon Carmichael, Sean Van Tyne, Jeofrey Bean and Carol Buehrens.

This integrated program provides the most comprehensive customer experience curriculum on the market today. This is a vendor/software-neutral event, instead focusing on innovative takeaways and proven best-practice strategies. Attendees from a wide range of industry and functional backgrounds make it a goal to attend Total Customer Experience 2013. This broad makeup provides exceptional Networking Opportunities to enhance attendees experience at the event, as well as build lasting relationships for continued learning well into the future.

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Total Customer Experience Conference 2013 Total Customer Experience 2013

  1. 1. ALTAMONT A GROUP Total Customer Experience November 6th & 7th 2013 • San Diego, CA Customer Experience Planning Aligning CX, UX and Product Management Customer Journey Mapping Multi-Channel and Touchpoint Identification Customer Relationship Measurement Collaborative Experience Design Loyalty Marketing and Customer Advocacy ROI and Performance Management
  2. 2. Agenda Day One Wednesday, November 6th Registration and Breakfast 8:00 am Opening Address - Andaz Studio: A Day in the Life of Your Customer 8:30 am Knowing customer behaviors and motivations to win and keep business Presenter - Roy Barnes, Customer Experience Expert at Blue Space Consulting Keynote - Andaz Studio: Collaborative Experience Redesign 9:45am An organizational collaboration approach to designing experiences that delight users Presenter - Daniel Romano, Head of User Experience & Design at Disney Interactive Entertainment CX Keynote - Andaz Studio: UX Keynote - Studio- West: The Experience Makers Lessons about being different and more valuable from The Best in Customer Experience 11 :00 am Presenter - Jeofrey Bean, Principal at Del Mar Research & Consulting, LLC, Co-Author of The Customer Experience Revolution 12:00 pm Storyboarding Mobile Experiences Ensure maximum return on experience in an increasingly competitive user experience environment Presenter - Chad Q. Martin, Senior Mobile Designer at Hewlett-Packard Lunch - Andaz Rooftop Customer Experience Journey Mapping Voice of Customer Excellence Developing and utilizing customer insights and preferences to create an improved and optimal user e-commerce experience The road to exceptional customer experiences 1:00 pm I Track C Total User Experience Studio- West Track B Experience Design Executive Studio Track A Total Customer Experience Andaz Studio Presenter: Carol Buehrens Customer Experience Strategist, ICWGroup Presenter: Sharon Carmichael Manager, User Experience, Sony Electronics Agile UX Transformation Address the gaps between the agile development model and user experience design Presenter: Adam Korman, Director, User Experience, ReachLocal WOM-Driven Customer Loyalty Practical examples and guidance on using WOM & digital media to create optimal customer engagement Ethnographic Research & Design 2:15 pm Presenter: Lisa F. Chen, Digital Media and Commerce Consultant, formerly Head and Director of See's digital business Thinking beyond the device Presenter: Tressa Daniels, Manager, User Experience Design, CareFusic:m Maximizing your Return on Customer Experience 'Test & Learn Creating the behaviors that you need and want from your customers Presenter: Roy Barnes, Customer Experience Expert, Blue Space Consulting Digital Touchpoints Alignment Understanding and utilizing ethnography as a social design tool Use test and learn analytics to gain insights into customer and product needs Presenter: Sharon Torres, Director, User Experience and Global Design, , Greenwave Presenter: Alberta Soranzo, Manager, User Experience & Strategy, UCLA Center for Health Policy Research Using UX Methodologies to Create a Culture of Innovation Creating loyal UX advocates and partners for change Presenters: Teena Singh, Principal Product Manager & Aylin Uysal, Director, Oracle Applications User Experience Team, Oracle Closing Keynote - Anaez Studio: Designing Great Products Getting the Skinny on MVPs, Minimum Viable Products before building the final "fat" product Presenters - Aliza Carpio, PD lead and Social Media Manger, Intuit Joy Caro, Social Product Catalyst, Consumer Tax Group, Intuit Carolyn Spencer, Social Media co-op, Consumer Tax Group, Intuit Networking Reception - Andaz Rooftop
  3. 3. Day Two Thursday, November Agenda 7th Registration and Breakfast 8:00 am Opening Address - Andaz Studio: Product Planning & Value Creation 8:30 am Defining and communicating business value throughout the development process Presenter - Fabien Reil/e, Strategic Advisor, Former VP, Product Management at JD Power & Associates Keynote - Andaz Studio: 9:30 am Cross Channel Experience Design Craft a uniform experience across sales channels and touchpoints Presenter - Sean Van Tyne, User Experience Director at Fair Isaac, Co-Author of The Customer Experience Revolution Track C Total User Experience Studio- West Track A Total Customer Expenence Andaz Studio Experiment Loop Optimization Operationalizing Going deeper on the Experiment Loop to test and validate your product vision the Customer Experience A practical roadmap for action across your organization 11:00 am Presenters: Aliza Carpio, PD lead and Social Media Manger, Intuit & Joy Caro, Social Product Catalyst, Consumer Tax Group, Intuit & Carolyn Spencer, Social Media co-op, Consumer Tax Group, Intuit Presenter: Sean Patrick, Principal, Promise Advisors, Former VP of CX at Life Sciences Corp Lunch - Andaz Rooftop 12:00 pm Customer Relationship Measuring & Monitoring 1:00 pm Scenario-Driven Design Framework & strategies for evaluating and monitoring customer relationships Explore design possibilities through creating multiple scenarios that visualize a user's experience based on primary audience needs, goals and behaviors Presenter: Kathrina Bidwell, Director, Contact Center, AltaMed Presenter: JonDelina Buckley, User Experience Research Manager, Kelly Blue Book Closing Keynote - Andaz Studio: Driving An Experience-Based Culture 2:15 pm Reinforce products and brands through strong experiences Presenter - Rob Maigret, Entertainment Technologist, Global Creative The Walt Disney Company 3:15 pm ALTAMONT AGROUP Founder at Pico Experience Studios, Former SVP of Adjourn GA•....