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The battle of the somme


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Published in: Education, News & Politics
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The battle of the somme

  1. 1. The Battle of the Somme by Eleanor Wright and Jordan Garrison
  2. 2. Countries Allies involved - Great Britain, France Central Powers involved - Germany
  3. 3. Somme The Somme is a river, north of Verdun, France
  4. 4. Summary July 1 1916 - November 18 1916. Fought on either side of the river Somme Britain lured Germans from Verdun, where they had been attacking, to Somme. Most of the soldiers were from the Kitchener Volunteer Army and was their first time in battle. Most of the soldiers were inexperienced.
  5. 5. Deaths Britain lost 420,000 soldiers France lost 200,000 soldiers Germany lost 500,000 soldiers All countries had hundreds of thousands of soldiers that were injured, captured, and missing. Everyone in the Kitchener Volunteer Army was killed.
  6. 6. Results This battle is one of the most bloody battles in all of WWI Around 1,666,289 people died in total This battle showed the people how terrible trench warfare was
  7. 7. Why was it important? Symbolised the horrors of warfare in WWI Had a marked effect on overall casualties on the war Showed fatality of trench warfare
  8. 8. Sources