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Propaganda notes


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Published in: Education, News & Politics
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Propaganda notes

  1. 1. • SWBAT define propaganda • SWBAT explain how propaganda and nationalism mobilized citizens in support of total war.
  2. 2. DO NOW • Please get your poster. You and your group mates have 10 minutes to complete the poster! • Make sure you are working efficiently and will be ready to begin class in 10 minutes.
  3. 3.  Explosion in Afghanistan US Soldier serving in Iraq -->
  4. 4. What is propaganda? • A way of manipulating people using images and words to achieve a desired affect or outcome • Propaganda clouds reality and gets in the way of clear and honest thinking
  5. 5. What is propaganda in your own words?
  6. 6. How does propaganda do this? Method: • Bandwagon: encourages you to think that because everyone else is doing something, you should do it too, or you'll be left out.
  7. 7. Method: • Testimonial: It is when "big name" personalities are used to endorse a product.
  8. 8. • Fear: It informs people that personal danger is about to happen if they do or do not do some specific action.
  9. 9. • Glittering Generalities: Use of words and images that generally carry a favorable meaning to everyone (Examples: liberty, democracy, and freedom). "Open the door to freedom! Put a strong man at the helm! Out of the swamp! Forward with the powers of renewal!”
  10. 10. • Name Calling: the use of derogatory terms, stereotypes or outright racism to suggest that the enemy is of less value or not human.
  11. 11. Which of these methods of propaganda do you think works the best? WHY?
  12. 12. PROPAGANDA CREATES A SENSE OF NATIONALISM WHY? _____________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________
  13. 13. Group • You will work in your color groups to analyze six different propaganda posters. • You need to work TOGETHER to complete this activity. • Lets read the direction on the worksheet you will each be completing!
  14. 14. Propaganda Poster • You will create your own WWI propaganda poster (20 Points). • Consider the following topics: – enlistment and recruitment – financing the war – the role of women – aiding our allies • Clearly use one of the propaganda methods.
  15. 15. HOMEWORK • Find an example of propaganda in our lives today. 1. What propaganda is it: magazine advertisement, tv commercial, radio? 2. Describe the image/sound. 3. What is the message? 4. What method of propaganda are they using? 5. Is it effective?