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Green ottoman edwards


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Green ottoman edwards

  1. 1. THE GALLIPOLI CAMPAIGN Ottoman Empire
  2. 2. BEFORE THE WAR   Gallipoli was a plan thought up by, British Politician, Winston Churchill to end the war early by creating a new war front that the Central Powers could not cope with.   November 25, 1914: Churchill suggested his plan to the British government’s War Council.   January 15, 1915: Troops were put on post in Egypt.
  3. 3. SETTING   This battle took place along the Gallipoli Peninsula, which was near a sea route to Russia.  February 19, 1915 – January 9, 1916.
  4. 4. THE PLAN   British decided to come up on the western shore, take the Gallipoli Peninsula with a naval expedition, later link up with the Russians, knock Turkey out of the war, and possibly persuade the Balkan states to join the Allies.
  5. 5. PARTIES  The British and the French attempted to capture the Ottoman capitol, Constantinople (in modernday Turkey).
  6. 6. Most would say that this battle began in April because bad weather caused a delay. Three battleships sunk and three were damaged. Because of this the Turks had ample time to prepare and ended up with an army six times larger than when the campaign began.
  7. 7. Australia and New Zealand were on the Aegean side of the peninsula. The British attempted to land at five points around Cape Helles, but only landed on three before asking for reinforcements. The Turks took advantage of this and brought as many troops as possible to the peninsula.
  8. 8. This caused a political crisis in London between CHURCHILL, The First lord of the admiralty and Lord fisher
  9. 9. This battle was the Ottomans’ greatest victory and the worst loss for the Allied powers. This was a major event in Turkish history and helped to start war for Turkish Independence. Nine years later Turkey became it’s own free country. The leading Ottoman General, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, later founded Turkey.
  10. 10. AUSTRALIA  The Australians are still very bitter about this battle because many Australians died, and they felt as though the British forced them to fight and die for a cause that was irrelevant to them.
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