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Introduction to The Entrepreneur's Guide to Startup Funding


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This is a summary of my Udemy Course, The Entrepreneur's Guide to Startup Funding. This course takes you through a Step by Step process of preparing your business so that you are INVESTOR READY when you have your first meeting with a potential investor.

The Price for this Course is $99 but Slideshare readers can purchase the Course for $49 by using the promocode "INTRO49" But hurry, this is only available to the first 100 students.

The Course includes 1hr and 40 minutes of videos, downloadable slide decks and notes for all the main lectures. Each section has a fun quiz to map your progress.

Bonus materials include: A Financial Plan Checklist, a Business Plan Template, A Pitching Template and an Investor Readiness Checklist

If you take the Course, please leave a comment and a rating.

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Introduction to The Entrepreneur's Guide to Startup Funding

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