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Smart Meter DM


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Smart Meter DM

  1. 1. distance relation between sash and corner flexible. size relation between sash and corner NOT flexible. Smart metering Bringing you the latest in meter technologyBritish Gas Business is a tradingname of British Gas Trading Limited,a Centrica company.Registered in England and Wales CORP/AMRELECT/01No. 3078711.Registered Office:Millstream, Maidenhead Road,Windsor, Berkshire SL4 5GD.
  2. 2. Smart meters– the future ofmeter readingsMore and more UK companies are installing Smart meters. Not How does it work?only do they make life easier by removing the need for manual British Gas Businessmeter reads and physical site visits, they also have the potentialto give customers access to valuable usage data online. And ofcourse, customers can wave goodbye to estimated bills.*Until recently, the only way to take a meter reading was to physically gain access £124.33to the meter and manually record the amount of electricity used. But gainingphysical access is often difficult (and costly), with the result that the only option is Remote data collection Online energy Billing system management toolto resort to estimated readings. And when effective energy management relies onaccurate, up-to-date information, an estimate simply isn’t enough. In addition, the data provided by Smart meters can be a valuable source ofThe answer is Smart metering management information. High-volume customers are able to access data via an online management tool, which enables them to analyse their organisation’sThese problems are solved by Smart meters. They consumption of energy, compare usage at different sites, spot exceptional usagemake your life easier because they provide automatic In short patterns and predict future needs.meter readings without any manual intervention from Smart meters areyou or physical site visits from us. This means you available as an easily The switch to Smart meteringdon’t have the hassle of arranging security clearance, installed upgradeor gaining access to remotely located meters, and you Smart meters transmit We will do everything for you by replacing your existing meters with Smart meters.are free to get on with more important tasks.** meter readings It is a simple installation process and will cause minimal disruption to your automatically business. To take advantage of Smart metering from British Gas Business simplyAnd because readings are taken so easily, we rarely They remove the need call 01865 406333 today.have to resort to estimating your energy usage, which for manual meter readings *For reasons beyond our control we may occasionally need to send an estimated bill.means that you and your accounts department will be **Site visits are still necessary for meter safety checks. You can get onlinespared the inevitable queries and cashflow issues access to data throughthat are associated with estimated bills. additional services For information or advice, phone 01865 406333. Calls to British Gas Business may be recorded and monitored for quality assurance and compliance. Lines are open 8.30am–5pm, Monday–Friday.