Bloom Senior Living Brand Idea


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Bloom Senior Living Case Study

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  • Love the images of the seniors kicking it and having a good time - blooming!
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Bloom Senior Living Brand Idea

  2. 2. COMPANY • “BSL’s commitment to family shines through everything we do.” “At BSL, we have made company culture one our number one priorities.” • “Our communities are family owned and operated, and they feel like it.” • “At the same time, we’re owned by a larger financial structure which is looking to grow. We’re also a business.” BSL’s “one thing” is family-ness and we’re looking for a unique, ownable way to communicate that and to scale it. BRAND IDEA
  3. 3. BRAND IDEA CATEGORY • Fragmented and operationally driven. • Identity crisis: The way in which assisted living communities brand themselves make it impossible for consumers to tell them apart. They all sound like variations on “Glen Oaks.” (Which by the way, could just as easily be a gated residential community. Or, for that matter, a low-income housing project). • Focused on selling the functional benefits. • There is no aspirational power brand in this space. There is a crushing sameness to the way in which assisted living communities show up. It’s the same story told over and over again. The same stock photography. The same tonality. “We love our residents.”
  4. 4. BRAND IDEA COMPETITION • You have different competitors in each market. • From across the street, they all look alike. • They don’t do too much to help anyone tell them apart. We don’t see competition as a huge factor in the naming equation. It doesn’t appear that anyone owns anything. It seems like everyone is trying to own the same thing – perfectly happy senior citizens.
  5. 5. BRAND IDEA CUSTOMER • You have two different customer profiles: seniors and their adult children. • We believe the seniors want more from a senior living community than safety, comfort and convenience – which are antes…they get you into the game. • We believe they want to continue learning, growing, changing. Many senior living brands pay lip service to this idea – self actualization. However, we don’t believe that any (senior living brands) own it. • We believe this idea is not only pleasing/resonant with the adult child target, but we believe they will find it highly aspirational and compelling. You can win with your audiences by championing the concept of self-actualization.
  6. 6. BRAND IDEA • In 1943, a psychologist named Abraham Maslow, set forth a theory that to reach their full human potential, people need to move through a pattern of growth, at the top of which is “self actualization” – the process through which people discover their true “inner purpose.” • In common parlance (i.e. layman’s terms) self actualization is used to refer to the process of becoming the person you were destined to be. • Self Actualization is generally considered a never- ending process that is associated with lifelong learning, growth and discovery. TIME OUT – WHAT IS “SELF ACTUALIZATION”? Opportunity Category
  7. 7. BRAND IDEA
  8. 8. Scaling Family-ness
  9. 9. Scaling Family-ness Lacking Aspiration
  10. 10. Scaling Family-ness Sea of Sameness Lacking Aspiration
  11. 11. Scaling Family-ness Sea of Sameness Lacking Aspiration New Life Chapter
  12. 12. Scaling Family-ness Sea of Sameness Lacking Aspiration Bloom Discover Your Best Self New Life Chapter
  13. 13. BRAND IDEA BRANDCEPT Great brand names are like fruit. The “plant” is an idea, or brandcept from which the name is born. We have an idea for your business. Bloom. Let’s create living environments where seniors can do more than be safe/healthy and comfortable. (That’s what everyone does and says). Let’s think a little bigger. And a little more holistically. Let’s create living environments where residents are given the tools, the resources and encouragement to do something that isn’t talked about much in this category: To flourish as human beings. Or, simply put, to bloom. To bloom is to become your best self. To achieve your full potential for happiness, peace. To do the things you’ve always wanted to do. To feel the way you’ve always wanted to feel. It could even mean to actually grow. This is not about comfort or quality – that’s the ante. This is about self-actualization – the highest rung on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. This is not a radical shift from what you do now. But it is a higher aim. It’s aspirational. And we see nothing like it in the category. It also just so happens to be the first five letters of your company’s name. Bloom. Discover your best self.