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Presentation to Attorney's Creative Roundtable 7/9/10

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Attorney creative pdf

  1. 1. Online Marketing Overview
  2. 2. Online Marketing Overview JB CHICAGO Strategic Marketing JB Chicago is an integrated marketing agency built Creative Services on providing sound marketing solutions, creativity and strategies to make your marketing dollars work Communications and PR toward your bottom line. Media Planning We have specialized in online marketing for over 15 years by targeting consumers, conducting B2B Direct Marketing outreach, changing perceptions, increasing visibility and making a splash. Sales Promotions Online Marketing 2
  3. 3. Online Marketing Overview YOUR TARGET MARKET IS ONLINE Facebook: • There are more than 400 million active users • Over 60% are 35+ • 1.5 million businesses have FB pages Twitter: • Third largest (largest growth) social network • almost 65% are 35 + Linked In: • 80% have at least a college education • almost 80% are 35+ 3
  4. 4. Online Marketing Overview THE MOVE TOWARD DIGITAL Marketers are shifting their budgets away from traditional marketing channels and toward digital marketing channels. While 46% of companies plan to increase their overall marketing budgets in 2010, 66% will increase their investments in digital marketing. Digital channels make up the top five tactics in which marketers are investing. 4
  5. 5. Online Marketing Overview THE APPROACH The strategy is simple but effective; it involves seeding, converting and sneezing. Put the message in the hands of influencers, which you can “seed” with our message. Then drive consumers to a conversion point and create a methodology to “sneeze” the message along to their friends. 5
  6. 6. Online Marketing Overview 6
  7. 7. Online Marketing Overview CONVERSION CONVERSIO N 7
  8. 8. Online Marketing Overview CONVERSION In order to achieve the ultimate goal (conversion), you need a vehicle that can get you there: a great Web site. 8
  9. 9. Online Marketing Overview CONVERSION: F-Format With every click you lose an estimated 60% of your traffic. A recent eye tracking study shows readers scan Web pages in an F-shaped format. A successful conversion-based Web site is designed and populated accordingly. 9
  10. 10. Online Marketing Overview Strong B2C example: • Call • Call to Action SAVE $$$ • Free Form 10
  11. 11. Online Marketing Overview Strong B2B example: Same approach Just less impulse 11
  12. 12. Online Marketing Overview Weak example: Mission statement and other “about us” info; does not address client needs 12
  13. 13. Online Marketing Overview SEEDING CONVERSIO N 13
  14. 14. Online Marketing Overview SEEDING • SEO • PPC • Social networking • Banner and other paid advertising • Traditional advertising 14
  15. 15. Online Marketing Overview SEEDING SEEDING: Search Engine Marketing (SEO) 15
  16. 16. Online Marketing Overview SEEDING: Search Engine Marketing (PPC) 16
  17. 17. Online Marketing Overview CONVERSION: PPC Case Study Skilled Nursing - Four State Campaign: Pay Per Click (5 months) • Over 2 million impressions • 7.5% of clicks make a phone call • 22% visit the facility page • 1 : 112 ROI 17
  18. 18. Online Marketing Overview SEO and PPC: BUYING LEADS (DON’T DO IT) Lots of ppl buy leads in addition to SEO and PPC services. But how do you think providers get those leads? Through PPC And SEO…and they are giving those same results to other clients. When you are using SEO and PPC and buying leads, you are basically “peeing in your own pool.” Our neighbors ( sell leads, and we compete with them for our clients, We get our lead for $20, whereas our neighbors would sell us one for $20 (and then sell that same lead to 4 other guys). Moral of the story? Don’t do both. 18
  19. 19. Online Marketing Overview SEEDING: Social Networking Social networking will be put into place to support the company’s other online strategies. We have provided a breakdown of all the activities that could support driving traffic to the site as well as building the presence of social networking profiles. These are to be used after SEO, PPC and affiliate programs are put in action. • Profile development • Influencer outreach • Paid outreach 19
  20. 20. Online Marketing Overview MEDIUM FACEBOOK TWITTER LINKEDIN WEB DIRECT MAIL FB Page Twitter Profiles LinkedIn Profiles Viral Vehicle PURLs tailored to VEHICLES FB Profiles Blog target audiences Influencers Influencers Influencers Influencer - Pages - 10K-20K - Groups - Blogs SEEDING - Groups - Sneezers - Sites - Networks Paid advertising PPC Facebook Ads DRIVE TO Web site SNEEZE Contest 20
  21. 21. Online Marketing Overview Facebook Profile 21
  22. 22. Online Marketing Overview Facebook Page 22
  23. 23. Online Marketing Overview Twitter Profile 23
  24. 24. Online Marketing Overview Twitter Company Profiles 24
  25. 25. Online Marketing Overview LinkedIn Profile Page 25
  26. 26. Online Marketing Overview LinkedIn Company Page 26
  27. 27. Online Marketing Overview SEEDING: Social Networking: Blogs BLOGS (These are really like short white papers.) • Become a Thought Leader • Gain an audience • Create channels 27
  28. 28. Online Marketing Overview Blog 28
  29. 29. Online Marketing Overview Other blogs 29
  30. 30. Online Marketing Overview SEEDING: Traditional Advertising • Direct mail • Tradeshows • Vertical/Trade advertising Just say NO to mass media (TV and radio). It’s very expensive and yields low return. Everything should have 1) A call to action 2) A sense of urgency 30
  31. 31. Online Marketing Overview SNEEZING CONVERSIO N 31
  32. 32. Online Marketing Overview SNEEZING The “sneezing” component of your site is the element that compels users to visit in the first place, then share it with others. The best way to achieve this is by giving people an incentive to share. You can accomplish this by: • Adding “Add This,” Facebook connect and Twitter oauth functionality to the site • A contest or promotion tied to campaign creates incentive for referrals • Tweets: People will RT sneeze-worthy info 32
  33. 33. Online Marketing Overview SNEEZING These additional steps can bring in more site viewers. Add repurposed articles and press releases to: • StumbleUpon: This site can bring in some big traffic. Users interested in your message will “stumble upon” your site, then are able to share it with others. • Reddit: The site aims to have what’s new and popular on the web. Users customize what they’re interested in then their votes train a filter, so the site only shows users things they might like. Add these same articles to sites such as, a social platform that enables PR to effectively package stories and share them with journalists, bloggers, and influencers worldwide via the social Web. 33
  34. 34. Online Marketing Overview SNEEZING: Traditional Advertising vs. SoNet Traditional/print advertising is based on a one-to-one model. The social networking approach allows for more of an outreach methodology. If you are able to convert one person, then they can recruit 20 of their friends, who can recruit 20 of their friends, etc – broadening your network. 34
  35. 35. Online Marketing Overview SNEEZING: Traditional Advertising: PURLS and Direct Mail 35
  36. 36. Online Marketing Overview SNEEZING 36
  37. 37. Online Marketing Overview CASE STUDY Strategic Marketing TETRA PAK [with Hershey’s and Organic Valley] June 2009 – Nov 2009 Creative Services SCENERIO: Communications and PR Tetra Pak wanted to get word out about healthy snacks for kids – namely, chocolate milk served in cartons, which are also better for the environment. The campaign was kicked off just prior to Halloween, so moms we Media Planning encouraged to hand out single serve cartons instead of the typical “junk.” Games (in the form of applications) were created on Facebook, Twitter and Direct Marketing the Web. The kicker? Each time someone played the game or sent a Halloween-related e-mail, 10 cents was donated to World Wildlife Fund. Sales Promotions Also incorporated into the campaign were downloadable coupons for Hershey’s and Organic Valley chocolate milk. Online Marketing GOALS: • Encourage parents to distribute chocolate milk in cartons this Halloween • Inform parents of the benefits for both their kids’ health and the environment • Create fun ways for users to engage with the brand while donating to WWF 37
  38. 38. Online Marketing Overview 38
  39. 39. Online Marketing Overview RESULTS • 112 million impressions in just a month and a half • Over 40 million came from #chocolate milk (trended for over 28 hours) • Over 90,000 coupon printouts • 109,116 quality clicks (defined as clicks with a qualified action) • Over 100 blog posts written about the campaign 39
  40. 40. Online Marketing Overview CASE STUDY CARDINAL FITNESS and CHARTER FITNESS July 2009 – present SCENARIO: JB Chicago has worked with Cardinal Fitness since 2003, serving as its full service marketing agency. In line with the company’s aggressive growth plan, JB Chicago developed a social networking outreach program and Web site redesign for both Cardinal Fitness and Charter Fitness, another brand of health clubs they launched in 2008. The plan, which went into effect in early 2010, began with a redesign of both home pages while keeping the Cardinal Fitness and Charter Fitness identity consistent. The new sites are search engine optimized and custom-made, each with strong calls to action for potential and returning customers, namely coupons. Upon completion of site redesign, JB Chicago implemented a social networking program for both Cardinal Fitness and Charter Fitness. Using Facebook, Twitter, blogs and Web sites, we reached out to those interested in health and fitness. Those influencers were driven to the Web site, where they were compelled to share the coupons with others. This created the viral elements necessary for the campaign to spread across all social media outlets. 40
  41. 41. Online Marketing Overview Web site redesign 41
  42. 42. Online Marketing Overview Cardinal Fitness Twitter profile Cardinal Fitness Facebook profile 42
  43. 43. Online Marketing Overview CASE STUDY CATALYST EXHIBITS November 2009 – present SCENARIO: Catalyst Exhibits offers a full-service approach to meeting its clients' trade show needs through in-house design, fabrication, implementation of exhibit programs and display elements. The company already had a Web site with strong SEO and PPC capabilities, so JB Chicago came onboard to concept and develop three industry- specific blogs, then increase visibility through online promotion. Using Twitter outreach, users were driven these retention points, thus increasing Catalyst visibility as well as conversion. In less than three months nearly 16,000 qualified clicks have been made on Catalyst blog links, and Catalyst Exhibits has asked JB Chicago to continue the blog promotion beyond the initial phase. 43
  44. 44. Online Marketing Overview Catalyst blogs Catalyst Twitter profile 44
  45. 45. Online Marketing Overview STEVE GAITHER l JB CHICAGO WEB PHONE 312.447.7223 E-MAIL TWITTER @jbgrafx FACEBOOK 45