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Lightning Talk: Git VCS


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My lightning talk/tutorial for the January 29th meeting of UO Web Dev club.

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Lightning Talk: Git VCS

  1. 1. Create save points, collaborate with others, and more! Git SCM
  2. 2. Distributed Source Control Management Git SCM
  3. 3. Getting Started Scenario: Creating a new project! git init git add “app/index.html” OR git add -A git commit -m “commit message or comments”
  4. 4. “git commit” is like saving a game
  5. 5. Adding a Remote git remote add origin… git push origin master git pull
  6. 6. Merging ● Editing same project, even same file ● Automatic merging ● One problem with it...
  7. 7. Merge Conflicts Scenario: Two people edit same part, same file - Not fun, but way better than a shared folder
  8. 8. Now you might see why this could be a problem...
  9. 9. Branching All git repositories start on branch “master.” ● Takes a picture of the current branch ● Changes in branch do not modify others ● If things go well, merge into good branch ● Otherwise, nuke the branch!
  10. 10. Branching, cont. Use cases: ● Development branch in commercial software ● New module in existing project ● Venturing into unknown territory ● Any time you think to yourself “I might make a really, really stupid change that breaks the whole codebase”
  11. 11. Branching and Merging git checkout -b branchname git push origin --all git checkout master git merge branchname #ifyoulikeit git branch -d branchname
  12. 12. Use Git EVERYWHERE ● School software projects ● Side projects ● Collaboration with others ● Anything where you might make a really, really stupid change that breaks the whole codebase
  13. 13. - - - rebase - aliasing - forking