#INNDay14 - San Francisco Public Press


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Publisher Lila LaHood explains her newsroom's recent Kickstarter campaign. Lightning Round presentation at INN@IRE Day 2014, Investigative Reporters & Editors conference, San Francisco, June 26.

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#INNDay14 - San Francisco Public Press

  1. 1. San Francisco Public Press @sfpublicpress sfpr.es/pedalpowerednews
  2. 2. The Good News • We made our Kickstarter goal! • We’ve raised _________ from _________ people.
  3. 3. How We Got Here • Michael Stoll • We’ve been delivering papers since 2010 • Delivering downtown by car is difficult and expensive • Benefits of bike delivery in a dense urban grid • Wanted to try crowdfunding again after early success with Spot.Us • San Francisco loves bicycles • Being serious, charming and quirky • INN
  4. 4. What Worked Well • People liked the idea! • Script and storyboard • Custom illustrations for video and campaign • Supporting material for ongoing promo (videos, maps, trivia etc.) • Social media team magically fell out of the sky and into our newsroom (almost seriously)
  5. 5. The Hard Part • Making the video took a long time • We are not videographers. • Not everyone understands Kickstarter • “Can’t I just give you this dollar bill?” • You have to ask again, again and again • 1,000 is a big number
  6. 6. Will You Give $1 to Support Pedal-Powered News? sfpr.es/pedalpowerednews
  7. 7. How Much Did It Cost? • $1,650 Videographer, video editor, illustrator • $150 Hard drive to hold footage • $300 Promotional postcards • Borrowed: • GoPro camera • Bike trailer
  8. 8. Advice (What We Will Do Differently Next Time) • Making the video will take longer than you think • Train EVERYONE in your organization to be part of the campaign • Distribute the work • It takes a while to get set up with Kickstarter • It can take MANY DAYS to get your campaign approved • Figure out in advance what you’re posting when and where • Your website • Kickstarter updates • Social media • Newsletter blasts • Personal emails
  9. 9. Surprises • Our loyal fans gave us lots of money • People who like your idea will still give you money even after you reach your goal • Personalized requests = highest rate of response • You have to ask again, again and again • Blasting lists didn’t help as much as hoped • We picked up a whole bunch of new members! • The campaign itself was an invaluable outreach opportunity
  10. 10. sfpr.es/pedalpowerednews THANK YOU!