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Expand Your Skills


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Breakout session at SPJ Region 8 Conference, Fort Worth Hilton, March 24, 2012.

Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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Expand Your Skills

  1. 1. Expanding Your Skills:Become a Curator, Liveblogger&Data VisuzalizerSPJ Region 8 Conference – Fort WorthMarch 24, 2012Jake BatsellAssistant ProfessorDivision of Journalism@jbatsell
  2. 2. News used to bea one-way lecture …
  3. 3. … but today,news is a two-wayconversation.
  4. 4. News consumers expect facts, but theyalso expect to have a voice in thatongoing conversation.
  5. 5. Three Free Web-Based Tools That Can Instantly Help You Expand Your Skills and Engage Your Audience •Storify •CoverItLive • Google Fusion Tables
  6. 6. Storify is asocial mediacurationplatform thatcan beembedded intoany blog.
  7. 7. CoverItLive is alive-bloggingplatform that canincorporate real-timetweets, hashtags andcomments.
  8. 8. Google FusionTables convertspreadsheetsinto maps,charts andotherinteractivevisual tools.
  9. 9. Thanks!Links available at Twitter: @jbatsell