Effective PD for BYOD


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Effective PD for BYOD session at BYOD13

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Effective PD for BYOD

  1. 1. Jen Batesbatesj@rangitoto.school.nzTwitter @jbatessdJames Heneghanj.heneghan@takapuna.school.nz
  2. 2. Where we are?Not on the cutting edge yet!But we are on the ‘wave’ - looking to learn from others andshare success.
  3. 3. Setting the scene
  4. 4. What infrastructure do you have in place?What support will students and staff have?What expectations do you have regarding device use?These factors will determine the nature of theprofessional development requirements in yourschool.Discussion
  5. 5. PD coordinators (0.5) deliver whole schoolPD and are available for one on one PD withstaff at their request.Rangitoto CollegePDcoordinatorsWhole schoolPDOne-on-OnePD
  6. 6. Structure
  7. 7. Teaching as InquiryLearning inquiryWhat happened as a resultof the teaching and what arethe implications?Focusing inquiryWhat is important (andtherefore worth spendingtime on), given where mystudents are at?Teaching andlearningTeaching inquiryWhat strategies are mostlikely to help my studentslearn this?What BYOD relatedstrategies could improvestudent learning
  8. 8. Through this process we learned what was moreeffective and what was ineffective.Six Key Capabilities of Effective PD for BYODKey capabilities
  9. 9. PD with a purposeEmphasising the benefit and link to research. Show how it isimproving classroom practice.
  10. 10. Strong foundationsNot just infrastructure. Staff may have a wide range of concernsand needs – these must be addressed.
  11. 11. Time to reflectGive staff time to and the opportunity to openly reflect on andevaluate their practice. As well as share ideas and give feedback.
  12. 12. Think aheadIncorporate digital citizenship into the curriculum. Be willing torevise your policies and PD programme as you go.
  13. 13. Early adoptersShowcase your superstars. Give them freedom to innovate andshare good practice with the rest of the staff.
  14. 14. FocusImplement a PD programme that keeps student outcomes atthe core. Focus on teaching and learning.
  15. 15. PD strategies that workProfessional learning circlesOne-on-one coachingStudent and staff voicePD in a classroom contextShowcasing: 15 minute forums
  16. 16. PD strategies that DON’T workPassive PowerPointsExperts and idiotsLack of accountabilityLarge groupsNo links to classroom practiceNo links to researchTrying to fit too much in
  17. 17. DiscussionConsider how feasible each of the strategieswould be in your school.