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Artifactory Docker Integration Webinar


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Slides for the Artifactory Docker Webinar.
Here's the full recording:

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Artifactory Docker Integration Webinar

  1. 1. Agenda • Welcome and housekeeping • Why private registry? • Why Artifactory as private registry? • Demo • What else can be done? • Q&A
  2. 2. Who’s speaking? Shay Yaakov Senior Developer, Artifactory team @ShayYaakov Baruch Sadogursky Developer Advocate @jbaruch
  3. 3. Why Private Registry? 1. Store private images – including proprietary information (passwords, license keys, etc.) 2. Don’t rely on network resources availability 3. Get the images faster from local network
  4. 4. Options for local Docker registry • Docker registry installed locally • Artifactory
  5. 5. Options for Docker registry as a service: • DockerHub •, tutum, CoreOS, StackDock, etc, etc. • Artifactory
  6. 6. Why Artifactory? • Mature and advanced product • Powerful A&A capabilities, integrates with your infrastructure • Custom properties • REST API • User plugins
  7. 7. Why Artifactory? • High availability • CI servers integration • Checksum-based storage • One tool to rule them all