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Research paper

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Research paper senior project

  1. 1. Josh BartleyOctober 3, 2011Ms. Tillery4th period The history of BasketballThe basketball was created by inventor Dr. James Naismith. Dr Naismith was born in 1861 inOntario, Canada. Dr Naismith attended both colleges McGill University, and Presbyteriancollege in Montreal, Quebec Canada (history of basketball). After college Naismith became ateacher at McGill University, he taught physical education. After spending a couple years atMcGill University, he transferred to Springfield College in Springfield, Massachusetts which wasthen the Y.M.C.A training school. During his time at Springfield College he was given the task ofcreating a game during winter months which could be played indoors in a relatively small placeby American phys-ed specialist Luther Halsey Gulick (Belles). The first basketball game tookplace on January 20th, 1892 in Springfield, Massachusetts. The first game consisted of 18 payers,with nine on each side. Naismith wrote 13 simply rules which have been changed over time,and nailed up two peach baskets for hoops. Sense neither Naismith nor the YMCA had themoney to create a new ball they used a soccer ball. Halfway through the game William R. Chasemade the ball go into the peach basket, and became the first player to ever score in abasketball game. During this game it was someone who suggested the name of this sport becalled basketball.
  2. 2. Within a few years the game grew in popularity and many facilities began to accommodatemore players. However within a decade of the creation basketball, many centers began to banthe game because of the rough style used to play this game. Even while banned many othergroups began to form basketball leagues such as, the Amateur Athletic Union andIntercollegiate Athletic Association. The first ever professional basketball leagues where all localleagues within the larger east coast cities. The first know game took place on November 7,1896. The game was played in Trenton New Jersey between the Trenton YMCA and theBrooklyn YMCA. Trenton defeated Brooklyn 15-1 to win the first ever professional basketballgame. A couple years after the first basketball was played, six teams from Philadelphia and NewJersey formed to create the National Basketball League (NBL).Many basketball leagues duringthe time did not last that long, the NBL itself only lasted 5 seasons. During the year of 1901colleges began to sponsor games. In the beginning only a few colleges participated and theywere Yale, Minnesota, Dartmouth, Columbia, Chicago, Utah and Navy. Inspired by PresidentTheodore Roosevelt in the summer of 1910 they formed the Intercollegiate AthleticAssociation. During this time the game of basketball was considered a sport to watch, onlywhen hockey or a football game wasn’t on. This all changed in 1925 when the Americanbasketball league (ABL) was formed. The ABL was a collection of teams owned by smallindividual corporations, but with the great depression around many of the teams started todisband and drop out.