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Literacy Relaunched


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Literacy Relaunched

  1. 1. Literacy Re-Launched Using Digital Tools in Language Arts Instruction By: Jeanette Barreiro Language Arts Digital Curriculum Developer Owensboro Public Schools
  2. 2. Today’s AgendaSome digital tools to use for FORMATIVEASSESSMENTS for Reading and Writing.Webtools for ReadingWebtools for Grammar and WritingQ&A
  3. 3. Formative Assessment ToolsGoogle Docs Sign up at Uses of Google Docs Collaboration Presentation Creation Google Forms—surveys, quizzes, exit slips, etc.Poll Everywhere Great for anticipation guides, classroom discussion, sharing out in groups.
  4. 4. You Try It!Decide if you agree or disagree with thisstatement: Students become better readers just by reading.If you agree, text 449514 to 37607.If you disagree, text 449515 to 37607.*Note: You don’t have to use cell phones for this.You can also submit the code at
  5. 5. Another OptionAnswer the following question with a sentence ortwo: How can you use technology to assist you with formative assessment?Text 449621 and your message to 37607.You can also submit your response to Use the code: 449621 beforetyping your message.Check out the added bonus of open-endedresponses!
  6. 6. Webtools for READINGGoodreads: Allows students to rate books (1-5 stars), write reviews, and recommend good books to classmates/friends. Teachers can also make groups.Reading Plus: Online “speed” reading course that really works on fluency. Expensive, but worth it!Reading Blogs I Love The Reading Zone: The Book Whisperer:
  7. 7. Resources for ReadingOnline Newspapers New York Times: ml Tween Tribune: Time for Kids:
  8. 8. Webtools for Grammar and Writing SAS Curriculum Pathways—Writing Reviser: This is a FREE tool, but you have to sign up at the district level for it. Grammar BBC Skillwise: Big Dog’s Grammar: Power Proofreading: .htm
  9. 9. Other ResourcesBlogs: www.readwritethink.orgEnglish Companion Ning: That Makes Sense: to Differentiate:
  10. 10. Q&AContact me!