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Vantage Point


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Published in: Travel, Sports
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Vantage Point

  1. 1. Vantage PointBy Jon Barney
  2. 2. When did you last?... Grand Canyon
  3. 3. Run through an open field? New England Flowers
  4. 4. Take a look at yourself differently? Virginia Eastern Shore
  5. 5. Or chart your own course? Shenandoah Natl Park
  6. 6. Tried to broaden your horizons? Badlands Natl Park
  7. 7. Or watch the sun set? Atlantic Coast
  8. 8. Or take a walk in the woods? Connecticut Fall
  9. 9. We are each very small in the scheme of things Badlands Natl Park
  10. 10. Yet each has the ability to stand out Virginia Woods
  11. 11. And live and thrive even in harsh conditions Mid Atlantic Winter
  12. 12. And grow into truly what we want to be… New England Field
  13. 13. …sometimes in unexpected places New England Windmill
  14. 14. No matter what you do…the sun will rise again Prairie Sunrise
  15. 15. And the tide will ebb and flow Maryland Eastern Shore
  16. 16. The seasons will change Connecticut Fall
  17. 17. And day turns dusk and to night again Badlands Natl Park
  18. 18. And even the strongest living things eventually pass on Wyoming Woods
  19. 19. So why would you not try to climb that mountain? Devils Tower
  20. 20. Or cross that river? Great Falls Natl Park
  21. 21. Or find that special view? Grand Canyon
  22. 22. And see the world from a different angle? Shenandoah Natl Park
  23. 23. And reach for the sky? Virginia Woods
  24. 24. The seasons will change about 80 times in the averageperson’s life. How many more will there be… Shenandoah Natl
  25. 25. …before you make your own footprints in the sand? White Sands New Mexico
  26. 26. Time is shortLife moves pretty fast…if you don’t stop to look around oncein a while you could miss something – Ferris Bueller Mid-Atlantic woods
  27. 27. Jon