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Radiohead - "In Rainbows"


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Radiohead - "In Rainbows"

  1. 1. Radiohead – Does “In Rainbows” = The Future
  2. 2. Negative Quotes Positive Quotes Neutral Quotes Google News Radiohead's pricing model and release strategy only work, to be sure, for artists who already have a name and a reservoir of good will. Most newbies still need, to one degree or another, record-company skills at getting their records noticed. And even Radiohead plans to release "In Rainbows" conventionally, probably next year. The music event of this season will be the release of rock band Radiohead's new album, In Rainbows . That's partly because of the music, from one of the world's most innovative bands, but also because of the way they're releasing it: They are giving it away Is the bell tolling for the recorded music industry? Some commentators are saying as much following a decision by British band Radiohead to release their next album from their website, cutting out the record labels. Google Blog Search They've come up with an idea where you pay whatever you feel like paying for their new album. Hmmm,let me see,I think I'll pay a single fucking penny for it thanks. Not yet, anyway. As one of the most marketable names in the business, Radiohead is in a position where it doesn’t have to give away anything. It has the cache to charge just about any price it wants for its music, and the clout to sue anyone who refuses to pay. But it wants no part of a music industry that labels its own customers as thieves. By declaring, “It’s up to you,” Radiohead made it clear whose side it’s on.    Did Radiohead just hammer the last nail into the record industry’s coffin or make a huge mistake? Time will tell. In the meantime, at least we can’t get busted for downloading a torrent of In Rainbows . Google Video None. I think they are, like the best band in the world. I’m just curious how much you guys paid for it.
  3. 3. Negative Quotes Positive Quotes Neutral Quotes Blog Search A poll carried out by Polls Boutique shows that most people will not pay the usual retail price for the new Radiohead album. I like this idea a lot. Record labels currently made the bulk of a single album's selling price. Cutting them out of the picture means all the money goes to the band directly. some band- announced recently that their new album is coming out on October 10th. It's called "In Rainbows". the album is being released by them, not a record label, and sold through their website. Technorati Sure releasing their album independent of a label is revolutionary, and sure they’re probably the only band who could trigger a massive change in the industry by doing this, but could someone please tell me how much to pay for their album? Of course, you can only really do this if you are a band like Radiohead. They seem to ooze integrity and coolness, much to the envy of their peers. Radiohead is an English rock band that's been around since 1986. But more important to me, it's a rock band that has just altered the marketing landscape. That's because tomorrow, the band will make its newest album In Rainbows available for whatever price the consumer wants to pay. BlogPulse I say it could still be a gimmick. Radiohead isn't entirely going against the grain here. The album is being released on a Tuesday, so it will follow traditional music sales cycles throughout the week. In this day and age, Radiohead’s approach to music is refreshing, but its statement on music marketing is a complete breath of fresh air. Expensive? Of course, the good thing is postage is included, but we have no choice. As a loyal fan, would I just go for the digital download for whatever I wanna pay?
  4. 4. Negative Quotes Positive Quotes Neutral Quotes Icerocket But seriously, has anyone else had problems with the digital download pre-ordering of In Rainbows (The new self-released Radiohead record in case you fell in a hole last week) I get the " We Value your custom, you are currently in a queue" message and about halfway through it freezes! Ladies lets stay on top of our game here, come Oct 10th i don't want ya'll not knowing what everyone is talking about! So if you haven't already ,go and pre-order the album to download. It will take 5 mins tops and you will be happy you did ;) Is it a greedy move to sell entire albums, or do they really just want people to listen to their music the way it was meant to be heard? Digg Record labels are struggling against piracy and illegal music downloads, so if the Radiohead formula works, it could cause concern for those companies in the long term. In Rainbows will only be available online through Radiohead's website.  Not only does this allow Radiohead to keep more profits instead of paying a record label and retailers, but it also allows them to keep control. Radiohead’s new music release; In Rainbows was set for an October 10th release. The news here was that In Rainbows was to be released from their own website; with fans paying whatever   they wanted. Read the complete story on this here.