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ADV410 - Quiz 2


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ADV410 - Quiz 2

  1. 1. The Dark Side of the "Force Public Relations Campaign
  2. 2. Situation ‘ A journalist goes undercover, as a police officer, unearthing many discrepancies within her precinct. Her revelations include overt sexism and myriad forms of corruption within the system. The majority of these offenses were captured on videotape.
  3. 3. Objectives Calm situation by issuing deep, sincere apology to the residents of the communities that inhabit the community they are supposed to patrol Demonstrate the learned skills of your craft and rectify the situation Shed light on the successes of the force, rather than these scandals Regain favor in the community by performing the above activities
  4. 4. Audience ‘ Members of the community that inhabit your precinct ° Members of the police force worldwide ° Members of the police force directly affected by the actions in this particular precinct
  5. 5. Strategy ' Openly apologize for the indiscretions, making public the offenders and using them as examples of what you are NOT ' Demonstrate your commitment to change in the community by initiating new activities that Will help to quell the public’s vehement nature ° Remain honest and upfront with those affected, do not keep information from them
  6. 6. Tactics ° Announce a press conference with the Chief of Police, the government leader in the community (to show unity) immediately after the problem arises ' Hold community meetings publically apologizing and instilling a feeling of commitment to them ‘ Start a variety of new programs that are dedicated to help change what was previously wrong with the force (i. e. Rape groups, feminist groups) ' Publicize a variety of recent accomplishments to shroud over the negative press
  7. 7. Timetable ‘ 10-12 months, due to the severity of the issues ° Immediate action needs to be taken in the form of the aforementioned activities ° However, the action needs to remain persistent, a scandal of this magnitude requires a great deal of care and sympathy with those affected
  8. 8. Budget *° A budget of 3-4 million dollars should be used for a variety of purposes ' This money should be used to donate to a variety of charities including those that deal with the issues that were caught on videotape ' Another use for this amount of money is the inception of new organizations that the police force should be creating as a means of demonstrating their time, care and dedication to the community ' This money should also cover the various media outlets that the force will need to use in order to clear their name
  9. 9. Source Credibility ‘ In order to solidify to the public that I, as a PR representative for the department, was not affiliated with this scandal I am willing to take these actions: ° Have Nina Hobson testify that I was not aware of these indiscretions and I am not affiliated with the scandal ° Remain behind the scenes, while the figureheads and people who are immediately involved do the public appearances ' Keep a PR strategy that looks out for the community, doesn’t merely attempt to wipe the departments slate clean
  10. 10. Cognitive Dissonance ‘ Due to the fact that people in the community already have negative feelings towards cops (they are violent and dishonest) there are measures that need to be taken ° This is why the campaign that is designed will demonstrate the fact that while a SPECIFIC few did act unlawfully, they have been removed from the force leaving those dedicated to serve and protect intact ' Become more involved in the community by completing this strategy
  11. 11. The Flow of Opinion ‘ There are many members of the community who do not read English newspapers and are immigrants: ° We must become involved with this tight knit group of immigrants and demonstrate in a variety of ways that we are dedicated to improving their quality of life ' To do this we must volunteer regularly to ensure safety in their community ° Announce Police Zones where the force will constantly be on alert in their areas ' The closer we remain with them, the more they will trust us to do our job in the proper manner ° Not to mention, the variety of media appearances will make us a familiar and recognizable face to them in the community
  12. 12. Suggestions for Action ‘ The department must adhere to the ideas in this strategy ° We must act immediately and work closely with the community by hosting charity events and assuring the public’s safety ' By working directly with the people in the community we can ensure them, firsthand, that we are dedicated to serving and protecting them ' A simple letter of apology and a press conference will do little to ease their fears, however, instant action will undoubtedly calm their discomfort
  13. 13. Evaluation We will truly be able to dissect the success of this campaign based on how quickly journalists and the media divert attention AWAY from the department Police officers are expected to do their jobs and perform the community service mentioned in this strategy Thus, it is imperative that we continue to do enough to help everyone get over the scandal The reaction time will be the true testament to the success of this PR campaign