Twitter for Beginners


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Learn how to Twitter by reviewing this presentation, which includes easy to follow instructions on how to create an account, how to find friend, and quick tips.

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Twitter for Beginners

  1. 1. Beginner’s Guide to Twitter Learn how to Twitter
  2. 2. Twitter is where it’s at • Twitter traffic is up 700 percent from last year, drawing almost 10 million visitors in February 2009* • Celebrities, politicians, businesses and your friends can all be found on Twitter *according to ComScore
  3. 3. Overview • Learn how to create a Twitter account • Learn how to find and follow people • Learn how to modify account settings • Ways to Tweet • Quick Tips
  4. 4. Creating a Twitter Account Get Started! Click on the green button.
  5. 5. Creating a Twitter Account Complete the form and click on the create my account button.
  6. 6. Following people • Who? – Follow everyone on your staff who uses Twitter – Follow clients, customers – Follow colleagues in related companies and in your industry. – Follow relevant brands, even your competitors – Follow journalists and pundits in your market – Look at your friends’ followers and consider those as suggestions for user you should follow.
  7. 7. Finding People to Follow Use the different tabs to find people to follow.
  8. 8. Finding People to Follow Here are search results for “Ashton Kutcher.” When you find the person you want to follow, just click on the “Follow” button.
  9. 9. Manage Account Settings By clicking on the settings link on top, you’ll have access to change your account settings including: • Changing your username • Connecting your Twitter account to your Mobile Device • Editing your notification settings.
  10. 10. It’s time to Tweet! Now it’s time to Tweet! Twitter by entering a message (up to 140 characters)in the box and then hitting submit. You can Tweet anything you want!
  11. 11. Ways to Tweet • What’s going on. Make your Twitter personal. By giving your Twitter posts a personality, people will be more likely to follow you. • Re-tweet (RT). Re-tweet posts that you find interesting to your friends and add your own comments after. • Reply to directly to Tweets (@username) – This will make people feel engaged with you
  12. 12. Quick Tips • Share links. Link to anything – including interesting articles or promote your blog posts. – You can shorten URLs so that they fit on your posts at
  13. 13. Quick Tips • #Hashtags. Hashtags allow users to sort topics into useful categories to revisit later – Visit for a directory of hashtags.
  14. 14. Quick Tips • Share pics. Upload your photo to and Twitter the link to your photo.
  15. 15. Now you know the basics of Twitter. That’s really all there is to it. The best way to really get a handle of Twitter is to try it yourself. Good luck!