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What's Eating Ruby?

  1. What’s Eating Ruby? The Future of Ruby the Language and the Community
  2. Joshua Ballanco @manhattanmetric
  3. Joshua Ballanco @manhattanmetric
  5. What’s up with Ruby? “Ruby is maturing up nicely” “Ruby isn't cool any more”
  6. What’s up with Ruby? “Ruby is a dying language”
  7. What’s up with Ruby?
  8. Oh NOES!!1! Is Ruby Dying? Are you at a Ruby Conference?
  10. Take a trip with me…
  11. Take a trip with me… Whoops!
  12. …a little further
  13. …a little further
  14. “Begin at the beginning” C
  15. “Begin at the beginning” C
  16. “Begin at the beginning” Java
  17. “Begin at the beginning” Perl
  18. A Better Way Do we really need header files, verbose types, and crazy sigils?
  19. A Better Way Ruby "I hope to see Ruby help every programmer in the world to be productive, and to enjoy programming, and to be happy. That is the primary purpose of Ruby language."
  20. A Better Way Why didn’t C, Java, or Perl “optimize for programmer happiness”? • Technical limitations • Laziness • Complacency
  21. The Problem… “Optimize for programmer happiness” – Matz “We’re not happy…” – Every programmer …ever
  22. More happiness… Literals Common Lisp
  23. More happiness… Literals Clojure
  24. More happiness… Pipes C
  25. More happiness… Pipes C
  26. More happiness… Pipes C
  27. More happiness… Pipes Ruby
  28. More happiness… Pipes Go
  29. More happiness… Multimethods Ruby
  30. More happiness… Multimethods Julia
  31. Is ?
  32. Ruby’s Still Got It • When was the last time you used threads? • Is there another (better) way to do concurrency?
  33. Ruby’s Still Got It • Don’t let them tell you dynamic typing is no good! Ruby
  34. Ruby’s Still Got It • Don’t let them tell you dynamic typing is no good! Julia
  35. Ruby’s Still Got It • Community is a wonderful thing…
  36. A Ruby Wish List • JavaScript is assembly for the web
  37. A Ruby Wish List • Mobile is the (near-term) future
  38. A Ruby Wish List • Maybe types aren’t all bad? • Kill the “sacred cow”!
  39. Will I be using Ruby 20 years from now? Maybe… Maybe not… I’ll always be a part of the Ruby Community
  40. fin