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Community in Motion

On the surface, RubyMotion is a tool that let’s developers use Ruby to create desktop and mobile applications.

Look a bit deeper, though, and you’ll find a community of developers actually having fun building libraries, coming up with new ways to design apps, and sharing what they’ve learned with each other.

In this talk, we’ll go over how to get started with RubyMotion, look at some of the features that make it so much fun to work with, and briefly survey some of the many available libraries.

In the end, even if your next app isn’t a RubyMotion app, hopefully you’ll at least catch the spirit embodied by the RubyMotion community.

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Community in Motion

  1. 1. Community In Motion Mobile Development Ruby Community
  2. 2. Joshua Ballanco @manhattanmetric
  3. 3. Joshua Ballanco @manhattanmetric
  4. 4. Joshua Ballanco @manhattanmetric
  5. 5. What is RubyMotion? RubyMotion is a dialect of the Ruby language implemented on the Objective-C Runtime
  6. 6. What is RubyMotion?
  7. 7. What is RubyMotion?
  8. 8. What is RubyMotion?
  9. 9. What is RubyMotion?
  10. 10. Why RubyMotion?
  11. 11. Why RubyMotion?
  12. 12. Why RubyMotion?
  13. 13. Why RubyMotion?
  14. 14. Why RubyMotion?
  15. 15. Why RubyMotion?
  16. 16. Why RubyMotion?
  17. 17. Why RubyMotion?
  18. 18. Why RubyMotion?
  19. 19. Why RubyMotion?
  20. 20. Why RubyMotion?
  21. 21. Why RubyMotion?
  22. 22. Why RubyMotion?
  23. 23. Does it get any better?
  24. 24. Does it get any better?
  25. 25. But how?!?
  26. 26. This is not a technical talk…
  27. 27. What is RubyMotion? RubyMotion is a community of hackers, tinkerers, students, and professionals, having fun building apps
  28. 28. Community Resources
  29. 29. Community Resources #rubymotion on
  30. 30. Community Resources
  31. 31. Community Resources
  32. 32. Community Resources
  33. 33. Community Resources
  34. 34. Community Resources “! During our first IRC orientation get together ! ! ! when I noted that I knew next to nothing about git and GitHub the group made me their GitHub canonical repo Integration Manager. At first I thought "are you guys crazy"?? ” Dennis Major
  35. 35. What makes RubyMotion different? MINISWAN Matz Is Nice So We Are Nice “Optimized for maximum developer happiness…”
  36. 36. What makes RubyMotion different? Distributed from the very beginning Integrating new people was easy Diversity came naturally…
  37. 37. What makes RubyMotion different? Perennial underdog status “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”
  38. 38. What makes RubyMotion different? Approachable… …but still very capable
  39. 39. What makes RubyMotion different?
  40. 40. What makes RubyMotion different? Even we don’t know what we’re doing! Learn, develop, grow together…
  41. 41. How can I be different? Programmers are People too…