Collins Catering & Events  Optimizing for the Mobile Web
1.  How is your audience  taking in information?2.  What experiences are  they looking for?3.  What is driving them  to AC...
Going Mobile
Going Mobile• Landscape and Projections• Desktop, Mobile and Tablet Users• Mobile Opportunities
• We can no longer ignore the mobile  community• Mobile users will overtake desktop  users
Recommendation• Simple Home Page• About Page• Form for consultation• Menu section• Contact Page• Celebrations Page
References•   Walsh,  Mark. "MediaPost Publica:ons Gartner: Mobile To Outpace Desktop Web By 2013 01/14/2010."     MediaPo...
Week 4 Project Presentation
Week 4 Project Presentation
Week 4 Project Presentation
Week 4 Project Presentation
Week 4 Project Presentation
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Week 4 Project Presentation


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This is my 4th week project for my Fundamentals of Website Development class. I was to create a presentation to inform a company of the importance of having a mobile website.

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  • Although it was years ago, I remember when I first realized how powerful the Internet was affecting business and how it was influencing the way people made purchasing decisions.\n\nIt was a Friday night, I was about to leave work, and I was looking forward to start the weekend with a relaxed dinner at home. My wife and I were indecisive of what to eat, so we had agreed that I would choose the restaurant, order, and then pick the food up on the way back.\n\nI wanted something heartier so I didn’t want fast food. I began to search for local restaurants on the Internet and to my frustration, I couldn’t find a local restaurant with an online menu…and that was if they had a website at all!\n\nI remember how disappointed I felt, amazed at the lack of customer service with the local restaurants. I know that sounds petty, but I was tired and the reality was that those thoughts ran through my mind.\n\nI finally ran across a local Vietnamese restaurant that had a website and a menu. I called the order in and then picked it up on the way home.\n\nHaving a background in sales, I was always interested in buying behavior and I was amazed that the only reason that I went to that restaurant (one that I had never even heard before) was because they were easy to find, they made ordering convenient for me and I was able to relax with my family the rest of the night.\n\n
  • Through that experience, I realized that businesses that were not reaching out to their prospects with technology and engaging them on this medium were going to lose money in this new world of media.\nMarketing 101 is to target our audience where they congregate and today the world is on the Internet. \n\n
  • I wanted to start with this story because the world is still changing and it is important for us as business owners to consider \ our audience is taking in information, \n2.what experiences they are looking for, \n3.and what is driving them to action.\n\n
  • When we first started the consulting process you told me that your primary goal was to get people to book you for events, especially for weddings. You also told me that your main target audience consisted of brides and event planners.\n\nWe have done some great brainstorming together and I’m excited about what we’re going to do for you business but I want you to be aware of some of the changes that are happening in the industry so that you can maximize your opportunity to accomplish the goals that we have talked about.\n\n
  • I wanted to go over 3 things today:\n\n1.Landscape and projections\n2.Desktop Mobile and Tablet Users\n3.Mobile Opportunities\n\n
  • The technology for Mobile phones is continuing to get better and better and because of this, mobile Internet users are no longer a niche, but a very important part of the Web community.\n\nWith the increase of technology and the speed and the amount of the information that affect people’s live, users are looking for more convenient ways to interact and live their lives. Mobile phones are projected to overtake PCs as the most common Web access devices worldwide by 2013.\n\nWe talked in our first meeting, about how important it is to have a personal brand. In today’s day and age, businesses cannot just rely on their service, they must be liked. Your target market is communicating on the Internet, and remember, you have to engage them WHERE they are at so that you can attract them.\n\nHaving a Facebook account will help you accomplish that and it can do wonders for your business if you do the right things consistently. The thing is, mobile users are twice as active on their Facebook accounts than those who are non-mobile users. This will be a great opportunity to catch the target market that you are after.\n\n
  • The need for a mobile site is now clear but there are some differences in usage according to platform. Whereas, desktop users may use the Internet to work, play, and do more casual research, mobile users are much more focused.\n\n•Desktop users who have a high-speed connection have the luxury to spend time having a relaxed experience in the comfort of their home with a larger monitor screen.\n•Smart phone users, on the other hand, may be in their car or “out and about” and need their information quickly. Because these mobile devices have smaller screens and slower download speeds they won’t be able to experience everything on your website. This is actually a good thing when it comes to design because it will force us to focus on what is important to your brides and event planners. We will focus on the content that will drive them to action and to booking you for an event and then only put that information.\n•Tablets are somewhere between a desktop and a mobile phone. They are leisure surfing devices and users are more open to immersive experiences. \n\n
  • •Slamonline\n•ESPN\n\n
  • •Carrabbas\n•McDonald’s\n\n
  • Along with these challenges, mobile browsers and application platforms bring some exciting capabilities that aren’t available on desktop platforms.\n\nFor example, because the basic function of a Smart Phone is make calls, there is better integration with phone functions such\nas direct calling and text messaging. We can design your site to let users select your phone number, then call or text without having to type the\nnumber. We could make it easy to text your information to a referral or we could use texts to update your customers with services you have done, such as meeting with venue personnel. You could also use text to remind your clients of consultation meetings.\n\nAnother area of opportunity that is unique to mobile\nsites is the use of geolocation services.\nMany mobile devices can automatically detect where users are and\ngive them local search results.\nThis capability offers powerful opportunities to further your relationships with Venues by marketing for them on local maps.\n\n
  • Having said all this, I recommend that we start with a mobile site so that we can focus in on what really drives action from your target market.\n\nYour mobile site should just have the basics\n\n1.Simple home page with a powerful statement of purpose. It will also have a menu of large buttons to make it easy to navigate by touch\n2.An About page to introduce your company and what you can do for your clients\n3.A Form to request a consultation\n4.A Menu section that gives examples of what you serve\n5.A Contact page that gives your information and allows them to call you by simply clicking on a button. \n6.A Celebrations page that gives pictures of some of your past work\n\nThere are ways that we can make it easier on your clients. We will use HTML5 coding so that we could use video and not slow down the user experience. We will keep the images on the Celebrations page to a minimum and resize them for optimization purposes. Also, there are ways that we can get the server to detect if a mobile device is being used.\n\nWhen it comes down to it, no matter how much business changes, business (especially the service business) will always be about people.\n\nTo impact these people, though, we must remain relevant and engage with our prospects so that we can build relationships and thrive in this new era.\n\nIf you proactively design your marketing efforts, provide your prospects with the information that they want, and make things easy for them, you will reach the goals of more bookings from brides and Event Planners.\n\n
  • \n
  • Week 4 Project Presentation

    1. 1. Collins Catering & Events Optimizing for the Mobile Web
    2. 2. 1.  How is your audience  taking in information?2.  What experiences are  they looking for?3.  What is driving them  to ACTION?
    3. 3. Going Mobile
    4. 4. Going Mobile• Landscape and Projections• Desktop, Mobile and Tablet Users• Mobile Opportunities
    5. 5. • We can no longer ignore the mobile community• Mobile users will overtake desktop users
    6. 6.
    7. 7.
    8. 8. Recommendation
    9. 9. Recommendation• Simple Home Page• About Page• Form for consultation• Menu section• Contact Page• Celebrations Page
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