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Prototyping Meaningful Conversations


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Talk by Johannes Baeck from UX Camp Hamburg 2017

Published in: Design
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Prototyping Meaningful Conversations

  1. 1. Johannes Baeck | UX Camp Hamburg 2017 Prototyping Meaningful Conversations @jbaeck
  2. 2. How do we design a smart assistant for radiologists? Our current challenge @jbaeck
  3. 3. Conversational Interfaces — the bold vision Please take care of … Sure, option A or option B? Option B, please. Alright, done. BOT @jbaeck
  4. 4. Conversational Interfaces — our reality OK, but what exactly can I ask? What is it? Sorry, I did not understand the request. Please take care of … I was just talking to the computer. BOT @jbaeck
  5. 5. Peter Morville Apparently, machine learning means humans learning to speak machine. @jbaeck
  6. 6. Strategy
  7. 7. Design for Conversations? Research for Conversations? Strategy for Conversations? @jbaeck
  8. 8. Contextual interviews help us understand the most pressing questions and the situations in which they come up
  9. 9. Which modality is appropriate within the usage context? Voice Hybrid Screen @jbaeck
  10. 10. With Wizard-of-Oz experiments we simulate conversations The radiologist “controls” the system via speech, instead of mouse and keyboard. His (real) assistant translates his requests by controlling the system via mouse and keyboard. @jbaeck
  11. 11. On which level do users have requests and questions? Open patient browser What diseases does he have? Specific requests Goal-oriented questions @jbaeck
  12. 12. During the research phase, we understand the conversation context and collect typical user questions ! RESEARCH FOR CONVERSATIONS @jbaeck
  13. 13. Design for Conversations? Research for Conversations Strategy for Conversations? @jbaeck
  14. 14. Experience maps visualise the bigger picture of the conversation we are designing User Research Stakeholder Interviews Existing Documentation SOURCES ACTIVITIES PAINS THOUGHTS MOTIVATIONS OPPORTUNITIES THE RADIOLOGIST’S JOURNEY @jbaeck
  15. 15. What’s the product scope? Narrow use-case Broad use-case @jbaeck
  16. 16. Clifford Nass / Scott Brave (Wired for Speech) Personality allows people to know how to behave toward others and what to expect in return. @jbaeck
  17. 17. x RIA Job / Role Age § Value Proposition » ... § Interaction Principles » ... § Personality » ... § Information RIA can provide » ... With bot personas, we create a model of the person that our users will be talking to @jbaeck
  18. 18. Bot personas interact with user personas and need to be aligned with existing brand personas BOT PERSONA BRAND PERSONA USER PERSONAS @jbaeck
  19. 19. During the strategy phase, we define the basic rules and principles of the conversation ! STRATEGY FOR CONVERSATIONS @jbaeck
  20. 20. Design for Conversations? Research for Conversations Strategy for Conversations @jbaeck
  21. 21. Make the conversation come alive early on …let us iterate quickly …focus internal discussions …let us test with users…sell the product vision PROTOTYPES… @jbaeck
  22. 22. Which prototypes answer our questions? Horizontal Vertical Throwaway Evolutionary Rule-based AI-driven Screen-based Voice-only Low-Fidelity High-Fidelity Multimodal Mid-Fidelity @jbaeck
  23. 23. Current prototyping tools focus on visual interfaces
  24. 24. Paper sketches and storyboards are a shared language when talking about the product vision
  25. 25. Conversational prototyping tools can help us simulate the conversation without coding DEFINE EXAMPLE DIALOGS TEST ON VOICE DEVICE @jbaeck
  26. 26. Close collaboration between product and tech are essential to get the conversation details right UX / PRODUCT TEAM TECHNOLOGISTS / DATA SCIENTISTS + UX WRITER @jbaeck
  27. 27. Conversational design patterns & principles can guide the prototyping process ALEXA SKILLS KIT VOICE DESIGN BEST PRACTICES ACTIONS ON GOOGLE | CONVERSATION BASICS @jbaeck
  28. 28. Kathryn Whitenton (Nielsen Norman Group) Although voice interaction is markedly different from graphical user interfaces, classic usability principles are still critical to the quality of the user experience. @jbaeck
  29. 29. ! DESIGN FOR CONVERSATIONS During the design phase, we flesh out the conversation — moving from general topics to detailed dialogs @jbaeck
  30. 30. Strategy for Conversations Research for Conversations Design for Conversations @jbaeck
  31. 31. With user-centered design methods, we lay the groundwork for meaningful conversations Contextual Interviews Experience Maps Ideation Workshops @jbaeck
  32. 32. Wizard-of-Oz Experiments Bot Personas Conversational Prototyping Tools Contextual Interviews Experience Maps Ideation Workshops With a conversational mindset, we can incorporate new methods and tools into our design process @jbaeck
  33. 33. Gerry McGovern Chatbots will require an extremely rigorous information architecture 
 in order to ‘chat’ in a useful way. @jbaeck
  34. 34. Let’s create meaningful conversational experiences Please take care of … Sure, option A or option B? Option B, please. Alright, done. BOT @jbaeck
  35. 35. Johannes Baeck (@jbaeck) ! ? More on a. and my blog