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Published in: Business, Real Estate
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  1. 1. SElEcTEd SAlES ExPERiENcE 51 Snediker Avenue A portfolio of 15 buildings located in the industrial Empire Zone in East New York Brooklyn. This property was an opportunity for an owner / user to benefit from the location and size. This site was sold prior to the environmental cleanup which was to be done by the buyer. 74-80 Georgia Avenue Located in the East New York Empire Zone, this property was an ideal investment for an owner user that could benefit from the huge yard, large office space and multiple garages. An off Broadway show was produced using the address of this location. 90 Hill Street An attractive residential development site located right off the busy section of Liberty Avenue. In the past the property was used as a parking lot for a medical center which is on Liberty Avenue. 186 Force Tube Avenue Located right off of Fulton Street in the Cypress Hills/East New York section of Brooklyn, this property consisted of a 1 family house and storage units, presenting an excellent growth opportunity for developers. 210 Sheffield Avenue Located right by a self storage facility in the Empire Zone of the East New York, this property is almost guaranteed a substantial amount of both car and foot traffic. The lot presented a great opportunity for someone seeking to establish his business in a zone which provides tax and other benefits. For more information, please contact: Jonathan Berman, (718) 307-6512
  2. 2. SElEcTEd SAlES ExPERiENcE 1084 Liberty Avenue Located between Hemlock and Autumn Streets, this property is a store on a busy retail block. The purchaser was a local merchant that moved his business from across the street. 1094 Sutter Avenue Located between Atkins and Montauk Avenues, this vacant was purchased by a local developer in conjunction with the adjacent lot for residential development. 1952 East 8th Street This 6 family building is located in the Gravesend section of Brooklyn. The rents were below market and left the buyer room for future upside. 2469 – 2471 Atlantic Avenue Located between Van Sinderen Ave. and Williams Pl., this site offered a 13,570 SF buildable. The buyer developed a chain hotel on this land. 2588 Pitkin Avenue This property included 2 stores and 6 two bedroom apartments. The building was gut renovated by the seller prior to listing the property. The building had all new mechanics and roof. For more information, please contact: Jonathan Berman, (718) 307-6512
  3. 3. SElEcTEd SAlES ExPERiENcE 228 Liberty Avenue This property was used in the past as a parking lot and a work yard for an industrial company. The purchaser was a local company that was seeking a lot to develop a small structure and benefit from the area tax benefits. 243 Fulton Avenue – Hempstead This approximately 8,000 SF building sitting on an approximately 10,000 SF lot busy Fulton Avenue in the town of Hempstead on Long Island. Fulton Avenue is a major thoroughfare and is a prime location for local busy retail and offices. 247 Vermont Street This solid brick 16 apartment multi family building is located right off the corner of Vermont and Glenmore Avenues. The property was sold fully occupied, including three rent controlled tenants. Many rents were under market and left room for real growth. 349 Arlington Avenue This solid brick warehouse is located in the Cypress Hills section of Brooklyn. The gross SF is 13,500 on 3 floors. The property is accessible for both trucks and cars. The zoning is residential and the building offers an opportunity for the owner to convert to apartments. 401 95th Street This property included a 13,000+ SF building with frontage on both 5th Ave and 95th Street. The property offered additional air rights for the potential development of condominiums. For more information, please contact: Jonathan Berman, (718) 307-6512
  4. 4. SElEcTEd SAlES ExPERiENcE 503 Euclid Avenue Located between Pitkin and Belmont, this poorly maintained building consisted of 6 very large apartments with private parking on both sides. The building was purchased and then was to be used as a family residence. 579 Liberty Avenue Located right off of Atlantic Avenue, this all brick warehouse with 15’ ceilings was an ideal open space and used for local retail. The property was purchased by a local merchant that was renting on Pitkin Avenue. 610 Burnside Avenue – Inwood, Long Island This 8,446 SF retail property is located on a highly visible 12,672 SF lot, just off of the Nassau Expressway, a major thoroughfare in the Five Towns. The build- ing was delivered vacant and offered a great opportunity to an owner / user to develop a business on a very high traffic thoroughfare. 646 Miller Avenue Located on a tranquil block between Livonia and Riverdale Ave., this four fam- ily building offered good paying tenants and under market rents which leave a great deal of room for increased income and future value. 650 Ashford Street This vacant property was used in it’s past as a dormitory for wayward children. This 3 floor building offered office space, lounges, classrooms, kitchen and bedrooms. It was a perfect for a school, medical facility or office building. The purchaser was considering using the property for retail because it it’s close proximity to the 3 train and other public transportation. For more information, please contact: Jonathan Berman, (718) 307-6512
  5. 5. SElEcTEd SAlES ExPERiENcE 740 Hegeman Avenue This 3 story building is a twin building to 650 Ashford Street and used to house wayward children. The property was delivered vacant and in fair condition. The building included, offices, bedrooms, kitchen and vacant lot for parking or playground and much more. 838 – 840 Jamaica Avenue This corner property presented an ideal location for retail development, next to a subway station, two bus stops and a school. The property offered office space and parking, but was encumbered by MTA tracks that were over part of the property and beams for support. 900 Culver Road – Rochester NY A former nursing home, this property’s potential for conversion to an assisted living facility, residential apartments and much more made for a great investment opportunity. The purchaser was a non for profit organization that assisted battered and woman in need. 999 Liberty Avenue Located off the corner of Conduit and Liberty Avenue, this exceptional development property offered ideal access to two main traffic arteries. The property offered 11,000 SF buildable, for residential development. Since the property was a gas station in its previous life, there were tanks in the ground. 1010 Sheffield Avenue The large M zoned vacant lot right off of Flatlands Avenue was a ideal industrial use and development. The location of this property within the Empire Zone offered the buyer developed a warehouse on the lot. For more information, please contact: Jonathan Berman, (718) 307-6512
  6. 6. SElEcTEd SAlES ExPERiENcE 3432 Fulton Street This mixed use property was sold to a local investor. At the time of sale the store was used as a barber shop and the two apartments above needed substantial renovation. At the time, the property was sold at the highest price per SF on any similar trade in the neighborhood. 6143 Jericho Turnpike – Commack, Long Island An excellent property for either investor or user looking for a unique investment opportunity in a great location with solid demographics, this three story office building on Jericho Turnpike offered parking spaces spread both in front and behind the building. 15 Lawrence Street-Yonkers This 15 unit walkup apartment building is located in one of the tougher neigh- borhoods of Yonkers. Five apartments have 3 rooms, five have 4 rooms and five have 4.5 rooms. After sitting on the market for a long time the property closed at the highest rent multiple the current market would offer. The buyer was a local investor seeking to add to his portfolio. 1024 Pacific Street The property was a warehouse measuring 25’ x 110’ in the Prospect Heights section of Brooklyn. The building had a decapitated roof, no utilities and suf- fered a fire which caused a no safe building violation. The buyer was a local investor looking to build a warehouse for rental purposes. 864 Nostrand Avenue Lease of the store located on the northern side of the building. The original tenant was a closing store that broke their lease. The side of the store is ap- proximately 850 SF. After a few weeks, I was able to close a deal with Jackson Hewitt that was looking for a new location in the area. The rent was lined to the CPI. For more information, please contact: Jonathan Berman, (718) 307-6512
  7. 7. SElEcTEd SAlES ExPERiENcE 2941 Fulton Street This property suffered a fire a few years ago on the top floors. After the commercial tenant left, the owners decided to place the property on the market. Due to market weakness, it took a while to find the right buyer for the property. The buyer was a local developer that owned other properties on the avenue. 197 St. Marks Avenue This 6 family building is located in prime Prospect Heights. Five of the apartments have one bedroom and one is a studio. The building is in excellent condition and maintained the building to a high standard. Five of the apartments were fully renovated. 950 Nostrand Avenue Vacant mixed use property located on a busy retail corridor. The apartments have three bedrooms. There is access to the basement from the street and from inside the store. The building was not in the best condition and there was room for many renovations and updates. The Property was sold to an investor. For more information, please contact: Jonathan Berman, (718) 307-6512