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2006                                  r ian                     t & bra                  en Li                            ...
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Building an Assessment Program at Columbia University Libraries - Year One


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Poster Session at the Library Assessment Conference, 2008
Co-presenter: Jeff Carroll

Published in: Education, Technology
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Building an Assessment Program at Columbia University Libraries - Year One

  1. 1. 2006 r ian t & bra en Li Building an Assessment Program ssm ting sse ke A ar 06 iv e M red hi ur vey 20 t ec +S @ Columbia University Libraries l ua ibQ e ff L CUL Assessment Forums •NYU Libraries Year One ted •Baruch College Library rea •Cornell University Libraries cec or 0 06 kF e2 as nc en tT nf e re Assessment Projects ssm Co A sse e nt •Usability Studies m sse ss •Virtual Reference Assessment A •Digital Social Science Center l r y ra Lib User Needs Assessment ic a 09 t c 0 7-2 p ra le 0 20 Pla n ted •Support strategic goals b t rea a in en pc2007 m ess u •Assessment Center (online) UL rov C p s A s ed r kin gG ro r se s for staff a t p o : U arie W sus •Establish CUL Data Center a e nt m ru Libr es s m Fo U nt NY •Assessment & Marketing A ss e m n, •Institutional Review Board train- ss io sse vat Librarian position L A eno in g ing CU R rst ds & train •Assessment Working Group Fi e rd N e w B oa t •CUL Assessment Plan, 2007-09 ie j ec ev ro na lR kP ac tio ed b tit u Fe r ian I ns i ce ra rv Lib y Se g in lity lit ke t ua ua t) Q ilo ar e Q P M ic ( t & Serv ng en L ini ssm s AR tra sse nd ion A te at at alu : m ard Ev u es or arn tF B ssm mbi en a & n g LA C CU nt @ sse olu se r e all nd me e rU co ss nt S e se e Ce ch As lleg Co cie t nc e •Assessment inspires l S en cia sm So ses changes in the w o t l ta As gi s Di e d : ce : s organizational culture N e r Fo Ref um eren s e •CUL has a complex data s r t en hat UNY e yea ssm in C y, C sse ity rar L A ual Lib environment •LibQual+ 2009 c CU Q ege •Time & timing s uc ird king oll •Continue to build the Th ac h C •Understanding what is •Project management skills Tr ruc CUL Data Center Ba -2 0 09 not assessment vary 07 •Establish assessment 20 it lan C-K •Assessment is included in project procedures2008 t P SPE en L annual goals of staff ssm AR sse d in •Build a public website L A she •CUL Assessment Plan published U li ds •Assess assessment! C b pu se rN ee in ARL SPEC-Kit 303 e rU nt Ce t ies a ni m l Hu nt ta me i s 08 D sig es 20 e A s nc ere nf Co e nt s m ss es r yA ra Lib