19”                                                           Single-Touch                                                ...
Access to Superior Graphics                                                                                               ...
How Samsung PCoIP Works.                                                                                                  ...
VMware-Certified PCoIP Monitor                                                   A True Zero-Client                       ...
Who Can Benefit From PCoIP?                                                                 Digital Content Creation      ...
Financial                                                      Knowledge Worker             Financial: Multi-display works...
Specifications             NC190                                                NC240Size                       19        ...
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Tg samsung 01

  1. 1. 19” Single-Touch Touch Screen PCoIP LCD Call for a quote today! rato r 19” Single-Touch PCoIP LCD Touch Screen nteg C e r t i fi e d I Features and BenefitsTouch Screen Performance (Dynamic-Touch) • Access to Superior Graphics• Durable surface capacitive touch screen • Real-Time Graphics (350+ Million touch activations) • Security You Can Trust• Extremely accurate • Low Cost, Low Maintenance• 93% Optics for best quality viewing • True Zero-Client• Optical glass construction with 9-Hardness and • Uncompromising User Experience chemical resistant • VMware-Certified PCoIP Monitor• Touch operation is unaffected by surface • Tech Global products are UL Certified contaminants• Antibacterial Technology with Antimicrobial agents Applications that fight and stop the bacteria’s cell membrane • Architectural/Engineering/Construction• EMI/EMC built-in Environment Scanning Technology • CAD/CAM• Excellent noise immunity • Medical• Multiple monitor supported • Education • Government888-623-2004 www.techglobal.com
  2. 2. Access to Superior Graphics Superior graphics are enabled by the PCoIP protocol,Samsung’s New VMware-Certified giving users access to full performance graphics from VMware View-enabled virtual machines. FullPCoIP Cloud Computing Displays 3D performance is also available when using PCoIP- enabled workstation platforms or PCoIP host cards CAD Engineering Easy Access to Centralized Graphic Design PCoIP Enabled WorkstationNC190/NC240 in standard PCs in conjunction with a GPU. And NC APRIL 2004 APRIL 2004 monitors can be connected to conventional monitors for dual-usage capability. Real-Time Graphics Wireless View Server Through hardware decoding, a wide variety of content can be supported from video using any CODEC all the way to high performance 3D content when using APRIL APRIL APRIL 2004 2004 2004 a PCoIP-enabled workstation platform. Banking Education Call Center Security You Can Trust APRIL 2004 Because software is installed, and important information is stored on centralized host platforms, the entire system is secured against viruses, information leaks, and internal and external attack. Low Cost, Low Maintenance Because all software and data is stored on the centralized host platform, time and money spent on managing the system is vastly reduced, enabling the creation of a network that is easy to install and easy to maintain. Enhanced OS Control A variety of operating systems can be installed Windows on the centralized host platform, giving individual Mac OS X clients access to a shared OS. This enhances the Linux versatility of the system, while reducing the total cost of ownership. Unix Full USB Device Support MP3 Replace your outdated, expensive workstations, PCs and thin clients. Samsung NC190 and With 4 USB ports and full USB device support, users Keyboard and Mouse can access a wide range of USB peripheral devices NC240 PC-over-IP monitors are the cost-effective, reliable alternatives. Initial aquisition cost directly through the monitor, enhancing connectivity USB Device is lower and IT doesn’t have to travel to remote locations for maintenance. Everyone will be while maintaining the security of the system. Digital Camera working from the same version of software, and virus protection is centralized. And NC190/ Compact Design NC240 all-in-one integrated PCoIP zero clients make centralized computing truly viable, either The compact design of the Samsung NC190/NC240 locally via LAN or remotely via WAN. makes them simple and easy to use. Their 130mm height-adjustable stand, 90-degee pivoting screen, and optional speakers allow users to create an efficient and effective workstation.
  3. 3. How Samsung PCoIP Works. Samsung Conventional Monitor Connected via DVI-D for Dual Usage DVI-D Cable Compressing/Encoding Innovative PCoIP technology allows consolidation of IT resources DVI-D into a data center, and provides Cable high-performance computing via the IP network without reduction in performance or information. Samsung Conventional Monitor Connected via DVI-D for Dual Usage Decompressing/Decoding At the desktop, the integrated PCoIP portal decompresses and distributes video, audio and data contents while preserving high performance and real-time graphics. Virtualization Software PCoIP Host Uses Dedicated HW Chip to Accelerate Performance NC190/NC240 Supports Maximum Full HD@30fps Provides a completely virtualized set of hardware to the client operating system. It lets you run virtual multiple machines seamlessly. Desktop Screen Encode Compress/ Recieve/ Decode Desktop Screen VMware Ready™ is a comprehensive validation and co-branding program that shows customers solutions that have passed Video and Audio Transmit Decompress Video and Audio VMware-specified integration or interoperability criteria, and are technically ready for optimal use with VMware vSphere™ 4.5 and VMware View™ 4.5. Passing the extensive VMware-specified testing helps ensure that Samsung’s NC190 and NC240 make the best use of VMware technology and are ready for deployment in customers’ desktop virtualization enviornments.
  4. 4. VMware-Certified PCoIP Monitor A True Zero-Client • No operating systemProj • No drivers • No viruses, spyware • No hard drive or fan Uncompromised User Experience • VMware View4 Certified Proj • Better space managment • Easy installation and maintenance Proj • Full frame-rate HD video • Bi-directional stereo audio • Ultra-fast response time Exceptional Security • No data leaves the data center • No data or files ever reside on desktop • No hacking, viruses or spyware to worry about • All data transmission encrypted in hardware • USB authentication prevents unauthorized devices The Samsung PCoIP Advantage: Remote Desktop, PC and PCoIP Comparison Remote Desktop Protocol Standard PC Samsung PC-over-IP OS Independent ■ 3D Graphics and Media Rich Content ■ ■ Bandwith Saving Lossy Encoder ■ ■ Lossless Image Transfer ■ ■ USB Device Support ■ ■ Audio Support ■ ■ USB Device Authorization ■ Desktop Device Drivers ■ ■
  5. 5. Who Can Benefit From PCoIP? Digital Content Creation Digital Content Creation: Dual display graphic art and video production systems are often densely deployed and could benefit greatly from centralization. • eep large video and animation file sets in K the server room and off the desktop • Protect against pre-release piracy • Enable free seating for creative collaborationArchitectural/Engineering/Construction Digital Signage Architectural/Engineering/Construction: Digital Signage: Digital signage applications Specialized design engineering software for public displays of video, graphics and companies, content is primarily 2D. other informational data. • Secure valuable data • eep large video and animation file sets in K • rovide suppliers and contractors with P the server room and off the desktop remote access to large datasets secured in • Protect against pre-release piracy data center • Enable free seating for creative collaboration • liminate heat and noise, and free up space E at the desk FPOCAD/CAM Electronic Design Automation CAD/CAM Computer-Aided Design/ EDA Electronic Design Automation: Design Manufacturing: Specialized design and production of electronic systems such engineering software used in the design as printed circuit boards. and manufacturing process of automobiles, • nsure corporate security of intellectual E aircraft, etc. property, protect EDA data files • Protect large, valuable CAD data • llow users to access workstations running A • liminate heat and noise, and free up space E complex applications from various locations at the desk • everage EDA workstation hosted from a L • ffload corporate networks by containing O datacenter to provide high-performance large dataset transfers exclusively within the database access data center
  6. 6. Financial Knowledge Worker Financial: Multi-display workstations on Knowledge Worker: Uses standard office trader floors, limited real estate, expensive applications such as word processing, moves, security, and disaster recovery. spreadsheets and presentation tools, uses web, and reads and writes emails. • liminate heat and noise in trading rooms, E and free up space at the desk • Reduced management cost • nable free seating to simplify grouping E • Zero footprint, streamlined workspace traders for collaboration based on dynamic • Maximum end-point security market conditions • Uncompromised user experience • ecure customer data and simplify regulatory S compliance • Assist disaster recovery and business continuityGeological Medical Geological: Data from distant oil and gas Medical: Roaming, secure access to high- exploration sites needs to be accessed resolution computer tomography and other remotely and available for cross-site medical files strongly desired. collaboration. • Secure patient data in the data center • Content security • ffer flexible, free seating capability for O • Collaboration doctors, nurses and patient use • Heat/Noise • aintain high resolution, lossless viewing M • Disaster recovery capability for medical imagesGovernment Scientific Government: Data security, imagery and Scientific: Complex numerical calculations full compatibility are key drivers in sectors require powerful workstations, visualization such as military, defense, and command requires good graphical performance. and control. • Protect valuable datasets • ecure sensitive information and valuable S • lleviate heat and noise of workstations at A research and development data the desk • rovide user authentication and peripheral P • Improve workstation utilization (USB) authorization management • onsolidate data center resources for cost- C effective and reliable computing and management
  7. 7. Specifications NC190 NC240Size 19 23.6Brightness (Typical) 250cd/m 2 300cd/m2Resolution 1280 x 1024 1920 x 1080Contrast Ratio (Typical) 1,000:1 1,000:1Viewing Angles H/V 160/160 (CR10) 170/160 (CR10)Response Time (Typical) 5ms 5msSystem PCoIP Processor: Tera1100 PCoIP Processor: Tera1100 Memory XDR 64MB Memory XDR 128MB Operating System: None Operating System: None HD Audio: ALC883 HD Audio: ALC883 Ethernet: Gigabit Switching Hub Ethernet: Gigabit Switching HubConnectivity VGA In (For use as PC Monitor) VGA In (For use as PC Monitor) DVI Out (For Dual Video) DVI Out (For Dual Video) 10/100/1000 RJ45 Ethernet 10/100/1000 RJ45 Ethernet Headphone Out Headphone Out Microphone In Microphone In Line In Line In USB 1.1 x 4 (2 Side, 2 Rear) USB 1.1 x 4 (2 Side, 2 Rear)Stand Type Swivel/Pivot/Height Adjustable 130mm Swivel/Pivot/Height Adjustable 130mm NC190 NC240 16.2 22.4 Pivot 15.2 15.2 130mm 130mm 130mm Height Adjustable Stand 130mm Height Adjustable Stand samsung.com/monitor Product Support: 1-800-SAMSUNG 1-866-SAM-4BIZ ©2010 Samsung Electronics America, Inc. Samsung is a registered mark of Samsung Electronics Corp., Ltd. Specifications and design are subject to change without notice. Non-metric weights and measurements are approximate. All brand, product, service names and logos are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of their respective manufacturers and companies. Simulated screen images. Printed in the USA on 50% recycled (25% post-consumer waste) paper using soy inks. MON-NC190NC240BRO-Nov10T