Initial Ideas for Media AS film opening


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Initial Ideas for Media AS film opening

  1. 1. I have grouped with Charlotte Strange for my film openingand we have started creating and playing with ideas.
  2. 2. GenresThere are a range of genres we can create our narrative around:Horror/ ThrillerComedySocial RealismAction Adventure etcWe thought it best not to create an Action Adventure as these often need ahuge Hollywood budget that we do not have access to. Also, comedy is oftenhard to establish in the opening, and as we are just creating an opening, wethought it best not to pursue this genre either. Me and Charlotte havesettled on Social Realism as these leaves a broad spectrum of ideas we canplay with and also we feel we can make our opening stand out, and beinteresting, rather than do a horror or thriller, as these are overdone andoften the results aren’t desired because you do not have the access tospecial effects or a big budget. We hope to create a gritty British socialrealism opening that will successfully capture an audience.
  3. 3. Means ofPossible narratives Homelessness making money? What happens on the streets when it goes dark? Where do Sex you sleep? Alcohol Family STI’s Addiction Prostitution Drugs Victims Legal Issues Also, often, a Social Realism is a line of narratives in one area. For example, many are based in Council Estates across Britain, Business – and how people live their and their lives. So Black location is a vital part in any Social Realism Market as it establishes a connection with the audience and is key to the narrative.
  4. 4. HomelessnessWe have decided that a narrative based around the homeless living on thestreets would make for a powerful Social Realism. It’s an idea that hasn’tbeen over used, meaning its fresh and different. Also, seeing as Britain reallystruggles between the divide in classes and the amount of homeless people,especially young adults on the streets, it reflects Britain and the troublesthat some people actually face, which is a key code in Social Realism- thatthe characters face emotive and problematical day to day life.
  5. 5. The openingWe hope to create a opening that reflects the genre and establishes the narrativewhilst capturing the audiences attention.We have decided to use a female protagonist as this evokes empathy in theaudience more so than if they were male. Also it creates options for having thecharacter being faced with prostitution to earn money- an interesting andpowerful plot line.To introduce the protagonist we could have several long shots of her sleeping onthe streets and being woken by the cold. We hope to film in the winter to helpthe mise en scene and show the harsh reality of sleeping on the streets all yearround.We also want to have shots of her begging for money, and being cast aside bypeople higher in society and class.At the end of the opening we will introduce another character who goes sits nextto her, offers a coffee and asks “So…do you wanna earn some cash?”This character will lead the protagonist astray by leading her into drugs andprostitution, so by introducing him in the opening, we ‘hook’ the audience, forthey will now be asking questions such as “Who is he?” and “What’s going tohappen to her if she goes with him?”