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Richard avedon


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Published in: Art & Photos, Business
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Richard avedon

  1. 1. By: Maria Leon
  2. 2.  Attended high school in the Bronx Never completed an academic education Joined the Merchant Marine’s photographic section This is Richard Avedon
  3. 3.  Richard was best known for his fashion and celebrity portraits Avedon primarily shot back and white Well know for his fashion work Avedon was also known for defining America’s image of beauty and culture
  4. 4.  Richard Avedon was influenced by Martin Munkacsi Martin Munkacsi’s action shots where the ones who influenced Avedon Munkacsi was believed to be the father of fashion photography This is one of Martin Munkacsi’s fashion photos
  5. 5.  Avedon helped revolutionize the art in fashion in the 20th century He brought realisms and outrageous fantasy to the photos His photography came to have public imagination Avedon brought photography to the streets
  6. 6. Richard Avedon, Twiggy, hair by AraGallant, Paris studio, January, 1968; ©2009 The Richard Avedon Foundation
  7. 7.  Avedon influenced Annie Leiboritz They were both fashion and celebrity photographers
  8. 8.  Avedon was ground breaking the way he viewed beauty He was the development of portrait photography
  9. 9. Elise Daniels with streetperformers, suit byBalenciaga, Le Marais,Paris, August 1948Photograph by RichardAvedon© The Richard AvedonFoundation
  10. 10. Buster Keaton, comedian, NewDebbieMcClendon, carney, Thermopolis, Wy York, September 19, 1952 Photograph by Richard Avedonoming, July 29, 1981 © The Richard AvedonPhotograph by Richard Avedon Foundation© The Richard Avedon Foundation
  11. 11. “A portrait is not alikeness. The momentan emotion or fact istransformed into aphotograph it is nolonger a fact but anopinion. There is nosuch thing asinaccuracy in aphotograph. Allphotographs areaccurate. None ofthem is the truth.” –Richard Avedon
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