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Outcomes vs Outputs: How Outcome Driven Development Planning Changes Everything


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As freelancers, developers and project managers working on a project, it’s easy to get blinded by outcomes. Tasks on a project are often defined by the specific thing that we expect to build or present to the client or customer. But what if our assumptions are wrong? Or the scope changes along the way? What if there was an easier way to produce a desirable, user-friendly end-product without specifically defining what that end-product is? (Spoiler: There is!) This talk will discuss how to shift your focus from outputs to outcomes and how that little mental shift, changes everything. Really!

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Outcomes vs Outputs: How Outcome Driven Development Planning Changes Everything

  1. 1. How Outcome Driven Development Planning Changes Everything OUTCOMES vs. OUTPUTS Chris Reynolds
  2. 2. How Outcome Driven Development Planning Changes Everything Chris Reynolds OUTCOMES vs. OUTPUTS
  3. 3. AGILE 101 FIXED SCOPE PROJECTS ➡ Hard deadline ➡ Defined feature set before the project begins ➡ Change orders ➡ Scope creep ➡ Unknown outcomes
  4. 4. AGILE 101 AGILE PROJECTS ➡ Moving deadline/continuous development ➡ Time & materials ➡ Flexible feature delivery ➡ Descoping to meet deadlines ➡ Unknown outcomes
  5. 5. ESTIMATION FIXED SCOPE PROJECTS ➡ Time-based (1 hour, 12 hours, 3 days) ➡ Developer shortcuts
  6. 6. ESTIMATION AGILE PROJECTS ➡ Complexity-based (Fibonacci, t- shirt sizes, planning poker) ➡ Embrace the unknown
  7. 7. DEVELOPMENT PLANNING CREATING TICKETS Feature-based ➡ What do you want it to do? ➡ How does it work? ➡ How urgent?
  8. 8. DEVELOPMENT PLANNING CREATING TICKETS Bugs ➡ What’s broken? ➡ What needs to be fixed?
  9. 9. DEVELOPMENT PLANNING OUTPUT-BASED ➡ Add an image gallery block to posts ➡ Create a case study post type for sharing work ➡ Load more button is broken ➡ Site search does not work ➡ Email alert issues ➡ Social media feed needs to be
  10. 10. DEVELOPMENT PLANNING OUTCOME-BASED ➡ Posts have the ability to add image galleries ➡ Encourage sharing work on the site through case studies ➡ Load more button should load more posts on the archive page ➡ Site search should show relevant results
  11. 11. OUTCOMES VS OUTPUTS Car safety features ➡ Accident injury prevention Outcome ➡ Seatbelts ➡ Airbags ➡ Child car seats Output Image Src Vectors by Vecteezy
  12. 12. BUT WHY? ➡ Accept the unknowns ➡ We don’t know the best implementation ➡ Focus on the need ➡ Refrain from locking into a specific implementation
  13. 13. BUT HOW? ➡ Ticket titles! ➡ Ticket descriptions! ➡ Don’t propose solutions in ticket creation and refining ➡ Clear requirements, clear acceptance criteria ➡ Context about needs ➡ Keep the descriptions up-to-date
  14. 14. LONGER-TERM PLANNING TIME HORIZONS vs. TIMELINES Near TermCurrent Future Focus on objectives and outcomes over specific features
  15. 15. ABOUT ME Chris Reynolds Senior Engineer @ Human Made jazzs3quence