interaction design: material, form, and metaphor


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introduction to interaction design process and paradigm, including form, material, and metaphor, and science fiction as design material

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interaction design: material, form, and metaphor

  1. 1. iNTERACTION dESIGN material, form, and metaphor jazzliang (RungHuei Liang) Taiwan Tech Spring, 2009
  2. 2. Interface?
  3. 3. 房間與建築物今後將成為人們與位元接觸的場合
  4. 4. 建築成為電腦介面 電腦介面也成為建築
  5. 5. 其實現在我們都是人機合體 . 在數位時代裡 建築師與都市設計師的第一個工作 便是重新訂定 空間中的身體理論 William Mitchell
  6. 7. Ghost in the Shell 攻殼機動隊
  7. 8. Science Fiction as Design Material
  8. 9. material, form, metaphor Designed by Kouji Iwasaki 20X9X9cm
  9. 10. The most profound technologies are those that disappear. -Mark Weiser
  10. 11. artist: T.J. Pickell of AT&T Labs The Visible Problems of the Invisible Computer
  11. 12. ubi-comp vs. interaction design WildUrban Radio by Dana Gordon disappearing interface form and affordance
  12. 13. Dana Gordon Message Table
  13. 14. Bill Verplank
  14. 15. McLuhan: Understanding Media hot media cool media
  15. 16. Any hot medium allows of less participation than a cool one hot interface less participation more contextual knowledge artwork art cool interface more participation less contextual knowledge craft design
  16. 17. Interaction Design Sketch by Verplank material metaphor form
  17. 18. choreography as material for interaction design why time art? dance music drama performance
  18. 19. Rather than teaching or training designers, we design designers.
  19. 20. form and material in slow technology
  20. 22. complex material simple material complex form simple form everyday behavior twitter blog email short message slow technology ambient findability ambient devices entertainment game fine art interactive art MOCA cool hot art design persuasive computing
  21. 23. metaphor and form 1-D text
  22. 24. 2-D visual visaphor desktop metaphor
  23. 25. 3-D Tangible metaphor Artwork by Aram Bartholl
  24. 26. 4-D metaphor time, behavior, motion social practice