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AIESEC Queen's Exchange Information Session 2012


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AIESEC is an international student run global internship program. AIESEC facilitates over 10 000 global internships, in countries such as Spain, India, Brazil, China and all over Europe. There are 4 types of internships: management, technical, educational, and development.
If you are interested in gaining job experience, developing a global network, and traveling to new countrie

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AIESEC Queen's Exchange Information Session 2012

  3. 3. WHY GO ON AN AIESEC EXCHANGE?• Internships present in over 110 countries• Database consisting of over 8000 internship positions• Resume Building• Leadership and business development workshops• Peer support 100% of the way • From Home to Host• Global networking opportunities • International Conferences
  4. 4. EXCHANGE PROCESS • 6 weeks to 78 weeks Duration • Covers the cost of living Salary • Except select developmental internships where accommodation is provided • 2-7 months for the Selection Process and to match to an internship abroad Timing • One-time administration fee of $415.00 payable online upon successful Fee completion of the selection process • AirfareOther Costs • Insurance • 18 – 30 years oldRequirement • Student or graduated within the last year
  5. 5. 1. Selection Process2. Preparation3. Finding an Internship4. Going Abroad
  6. 6. • Application November 9th• Pre-selection process• Review Board November 17- 18th
  7. 7. • Use our database to find a suitable internship• Given access and trained on how to use the online system to search for internships abroad• Flexibility in preferences usually increases the chances of landing an internship
  8. 8. • Before departure on an internship, exchange participants go to the following seminars: • Logistical Preparation • AIESEC Preparation
  9. 9. • Leave!• AIESEC will provide information on what to expect during your internship• AIESEC members abroad provide support: • Housing search • Airport pick-up • Logistical set-up • Social & cultural activities
  10. 10. • Educated over 10,000 students• Organized over 110 workshops• Interns from Indonesia, Malaysia, Canad a, United Kingdom, Norway and China
  11. 11. • Raise awareness about HIV- AIDS• Develop workshop content• Plan logistics for workshops and trips• Promote Project• Participate in cultural events
  12. 12. • Accommodation with internet access• Airport Pickup• City Tour• Intern Bonding Trip• AIESEC Engagement in Host committee• Welcome & Farewell Parties
  13. 13. IMPORTANT DATES:1. Outgoing Exchange Application: November 9th at 11:59 pm2. Pre-selection Process :November 11-13th3. Review Board: November 17-18th