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The best antioxidant chocolate available


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The best antioxidant chocolate available

  1. 1. ==== ====For information on high quality Antioxidant ====Dark Chocolate Is Loaded With PolyphenolsHow can something so good for you taste so good? Its not always true that good tasting foods arealways bad for you; dark chocolate, red wine, fruit and vegetables are some of the healthiest foodsand the most delicious, loaded with antioxidants and polyphenols especially the dark colored fruitand vegetables (red, Purple, green) these are the most antioxidant rich vegetables.The Difference Between Antioxidants and PolyphenolsAntioxidant foods dont slow the aging process like the polyphenols in resveratrol but they protectthe cells from free radicals, like when you put lemon juice on a cut apple, to slow the browningeffect.How Do We Get Free Radicals in Our BloodFree radicals are a natural by-product of life, even breathing causes free radicals to form but aswe cannot stop breathing or normal activities we can increase or antioxidant levels by eatingantioxidants and dark chocolate rich foods. But as we get older the natural antioxidants our bodymakes to fight them off begin to decline, experts say. One of the benefits of resveratrolsupplements is as we age they help to reverse the process of aging on a cellular level.Why Cocoa Beans are so Rich in AntioxidantsThe kinds of antioxidants found in dark chocolate and red wine are called polyphenols, a largeclass of molecules found in fruits and vegetables like oranges,green tea, soybeans and berries.The reason this type of chocolate and cocoa rank so high is that the antioxidants are veryconcentrated. More than 10% of the weight of cocoa beans is polyphenols.Chocolate and cocoa are particularly high in a sub-class of those compounds called flavanols,which are also found in red grapes especially Muscadine grapes and tea, hence the well-knownbenefits of red wine and green teaWhat Happens After Eating ChocolateResearch shows that as soon as 30 minutes after eating one 40 gram serving of this chocolateblood levels of the two main antioxidants in chocolate, epicatechin and catechin, are increased.They peak about two hours after consumption. Thats why this chocolate is healthy for us.What Makes the Plants Produce AntioxidantsScientists theorize that plants naturally produce antioxidants to help them from sunlight, bacteria,fugus and other harsh elements. These same compounds in the plants molecules can aid us when
  2. 2. we eat them. The same holds true with antioxidants and dark chocolate when we eat thesedelicious foods we get the same benefits that the plants were trying to acquire.Is This Type of Chocolate High in CaffeineDespite public perception, milk chocolate contains relatively small amounts of caffeine about thesame as a cup of decaffeinated coffee. However, chocolate also contains theobromine, a relativeof caffeine. Theobromine is much less powerful than caffeine. The author Allen Partch has been studying nutrition forover 30 years and enjoys helping people have better health. Click or copy and paste the URL atthe left to check out my website for more information about Anti Aging. Any questions call Allen at1888.340.4425 You may use this article if you include this bio-box.Article Source: ====For information on high quality Antioxidant ====