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Es apresentation


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Es apresentation

  1. 1. Environmental Assessments: Phase I/II Environmental Site Assessments
  2. 2. Environmental Assessment Process  Identify environmental risks before property transfer  Understand full extent of contamination and consider future steps to cleanup  Avoid responsibility for cleanup under CERCLA as an “innocent landowner”
  3. 3. Phase I ESA  Review of potential contamination at site  Environmental consultants conducts:  Review of records  Site inspection  Stakeholder interviews  Produces report outlining data and potential contamination findings
  4. 4. Environmental Due Diligence  Phase I ESA fulfills the U.S. EPA’s “All Appropriate Inquiry” rule  2002 Brownfields Amendment liability protections for property owners who conduct all appropriate inquiries past and present uses of contaminated property  Satisfaction of AAI rule protects prospective purchasers and adjacent landowners from CERCLA liability  Usually required for commercial property purchases and major expansions
  5. 5. Phase II ESA  Recognized Environmental Condition (REC) identified during Phase I  Requires further evaluation  Site-specific sampling and analysis to define type and extent of contamination  Cleanup recommendations
  6. 6. Response Action Plan  When contamination is adequately characterized, cleanup plan developed  RAP: plan for cleanup and managing contamination during construction activities at properties under development  Summarizes findings of Phase I/II ESA and proposes plans for decontamination and mitigation of recontamination
  7. 7. Summary of Environmental Assessment Phase I history and operations Phase II environmental investigation complete? Response Action Plan risk-based cleanup no yes
  8. 8. Contacts for More Information  MPCA   651-296-6300  MPCA Brownfield Programs  /waste-and- cleanup/cleanup/brownfields/index.html  651-296-7212