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  • Hello. My Name is Yoon Ki Woong,
    and Now I will present to IBM Cloud service, briefly(브리플리) I will start the presentation.
  • What is IBM’s Cloud Computing? At First, IBM's target is different from other companies.
    Google, and Amazon target is private cloud service,
    but IBM’s target is a large enterprise.
    So, IBM’s Main Targe is a Large enterprise “Data Center”
  • The beginning of IBM’s Cloud Computing is October 2007, Cooperate with Google. Named “Academic Cloud Computing Initiative(이니시티브)”
    Many universities have joined the computer science. University of Washington, MIT, University of Stanford, and so on.
  • Since Than, IBM started investing of Cloud Service.
    IBM have 3 large data Center,
    First is at the Google Data Center,
    Second is at IBM Almaden(알마딘) Research Center,
    and Thrid is at University of Washington.
  • And, IBM has continued to increase Cloud Computing Center.
    Already Opened At Silicon Valley, Dublin, Johannesburg, Beijing and Tyoko.
    And They will Open at Soeul, Sao Paulo, bungalow and hochiminh.
  • What Programs are executed in Data Center?
    There are Many Kinds of Programs are runed, typically OS is Linux, Virtualization(버추어라이제이션) Software is Xen, and Distributed(디스터뷰리디드) Processing Program is Hadoop(하둡).
  • Now. I will introduce to IBM’s Main Cloud Service, named IBM CloudBurst.
    It is a turn key solutions for who Want to build Cloud System. CloudBurst Help Reduce Costs, Improve Service delivery, Improve productivity, and Enable Business innovation.
  • CloudBurst are constitute(선시트튜드) Prepackaged ( Hardware, Software, Service) and Self – Contained Service.
    Look at This Slide.
    If you are CEO, You can choice many types of Hardware, Software and services.
  • Self-Service Portal allows Developers self-service access to IT infrastructure.
    Service Catalog provides list of pre-engineered services from which Developers can choose.
    Automation automatically provisions required server, storage and software when needed by developers, without human intervention.
    Automatically de-provisions unused capacity, making it available for other users and increasing efficiency of data center assets.
    Built-in Virtualization leverages the full capacity of server technology.
  • Until Now, Very simply look around about IBM's Cloud Service.
    Cloud Market Continues to growth, IBM has increased the Cost of the Investment,
    And IBM will be Based on existing market, IBM’s Cloud Service will be growth, too.
  • Ibm cloud service

    1. 1. IBM CLOUD SERVICE Yoon Ki Woong
    2. 2. What is IBM’s Cloud Computing? Targeting • Google, Amazon – private Cloud Service • IBM - A large enterprise So, IBM’s Main Target is a large enterprise “Data Center”
    3. 3. The beginning of IBM’s Cloud Computing • October 2007, Cooperate with Google “Academic Cloud Computing Initiative” • Join in Computer Science - University of Washington, MIT, University of Stanford, and so on.
    4. 4. Where is IBM’s Data Center? • Google Data Center • IBM Almaden Research Center • University of Washington
    5. 5. Where is IBM’s Cloud Computing Center?
    6. 6. What programs are executed in Data Center? • OS - Linux • Virtualization Software - Xen • Middleware - Hadoop
    7. 7. IBM CloudBusrt • Reduce Costs. • Improve service delivery. • Improve productivity • Enable business innovation.
    8. 8. Constitution Of CloudBusrt • Prepackaged (Hardware, Software, Service) and Self-contained service.
    9. 9. Advantage of CloudBurst • Self – Service Portal • Service Catalog • Automation automatically provisions • Automatically de-provisions unused capacity • Built – in Virtualization
    10. 10. IBM Cloud Service’s Future • Cloud Market continues to grow, • IBM has increased the cost of the investment. • Based on existing market, • IBM’s Cloud Service Will be grow too. Thank You!!